In an article I wrote the other day I mentioned that I thought that having a national budget in Spain might help local projects.

The article here on the Ideal site confirms that local government has requested funding for 6 projects. Valued at a total of around 22 million euros.

I guess we will have to wait and see what funding gets approved.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

The PP asks for the inclusion in the PGE of six projects for the municipality

The popular ones present amendments to the General State Budgets worth 22 million euros for "essential" actions

The PP is going to present six amendments to the General State Budgets, worth 22 million euros, which they consider should be used for investments, actions and "essential" infrastructures for the municipality, but which would also result in the region.

In this sense, the national deputy of the Popular Party of Almería Juan José Matarí, the mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Góngora, and the general secretary of the ejidense PP, Ángel Escobar, demand the inclusion and execution of the improvement of links 409 and 411 of the A-7 highway, which has been demanding for years, the expansion of the treatment plant, items destined to the protection of the coastline to address the serious regression problems that exist on the beaches of Balerma and Guardias Viejas, as well as the budgetary allocation for the expansion of the Balerma desalination plant and for the actions needed in the Balsa del Sapo.

Regarding the highway links at exits 409 and 411, which correspond to the exits of the shopping center and hospital, as well as the centers of Santa María del Águila and Las Norias, the mayor insisted that they are vital for development and expansion of the entire business and tourist fabric of the municipality, "which will alleviate the volume of traffic registered in these points."

In the same way, the extension of the economic allocation planned for the control of the regression of the Almería coast is requested to at least up to one million euros, since the expected figure of 200,000 euros has already been invested only in the commune municipality so far in 2020.

Likewise, the PP urges the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge to include in its annex of real investments the expansion works of the set of facilities of the WWTP of El Ejido, with a maximum programming period in 2024.

These facilities were designed in the 1980s with a capacity of 60,000 inhabitants and are currently 30% above their capacity, generating difficulties for the correct treatment of wastewater and operating problems in the tertiary treatment annexed to the WWTP that allows to have reclaimed water in the municipality.

The other amendments correspond to projects related to the Balsa del Sapo and the expansion of the Balerma desalination plant, which “had a budget for this year and which surprisingly has disappeared, and the projects related to the Balsa del Sapo, the drainage tunnel and the desalobadora ».

Góngora insisted that "they are all highly demanded and necessary actions for El Ejido and that the PSOE has forgotten."