The story here on the Ideal site has some details about the latest action from the council about mossies.

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The plenary session approves the new mosquito ordinance

We will work together with the Tropical Diseases Unit of the Hospital de Poniente in those foci that may be more sensitive

The Plenary of the City Council of El Ejido approved yesterday, initially and unanimously, the new municipal ordinance on 'Prevention and Control of Mosquitoes and Flies', which thus becomes the first of its kind to be approved in the Andalusian community.

The ordinance aims to prevent and eradicate this plague in order to offer a solution to the current problem.

Thus, after a first public presentation in which claims, suggestions and allegations could be formulated, yesterday it was initially approved, after which a period of allegations is opened again.

The document was born with a broad consensus, after more than a hundred previous meetings with health professionals, environmental groups, opposition groups, agricultural associations, neighborhood communities or local boards.

In fact, the Councilor for Agriculture, Francisco Pérez, pointed out that the document was "well received by everyone" and pointed out that of the eight suggestions made by the municipal group of Cs, five were incorporated, two were partially incorporated and only one was rejected.

The popular councilor also announced that once the ordinance enters into force, it will work together with the Tropical Diseases Unit, to create an action protocol that addresses and focuses attention on those foci that may be more sensitive in the face of the spread of certain species of mosquitoes, recalling the situation that is occurring in Seville with the case of the Nile mosquito.

2019 General Account

On the other hand, the Plenary also approved yesterday by majority, with the votes in favor of the government team made up of PP and Vox, the General Account of the 2019 budget.

Along these lines, the PSOE councilor, José Miguel Alarcón, criticized the lack of investments with the Council's own resources and pointed out three pending government issues in his opinion such as cleaning “which is a cry in the nuclei, both urban and urban. extra-urban and rural areas ", the social issue on which he stressed that" The Ejido with the capital it has and the potential and we are one of the poorest towns in Spain in per capita income "and the loss of population due to the march of ejidenses to other municipalities.

For his part, the Cs spokesman, Cecilio Vargas, demanded a crash plan to reduce the municipal debt more quickly.