The article here on the La Voz de Almería site has details of the work taking place on the Poniente hospital:

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The Hospital de Poniente begins its expansion works

The actions are consisting of the expansion of the Emergency and ICU areas

The expansion of the Hospital de Poniente is already underway. The actions right now are mainly consisting of the expansion of the Emergency and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) areas, as well as other various renovation actions, necessary for the adaptation of spaces.

Currently, the access traffic to the emergency service is being redirected to be able to cut the road and thus be able to work better with the necessary and relevant machinery, according to sources from the hospital center. Some actions that are already being carried out as shown in the photographs. The planning of the works "guarantees" at all times the optimal functioning of the ICU and Emergency areas, as indicated by the hospital.

However, there are other interior works of less depth than the one mentioned above to improve, likewise, other smaller areas with an "adaptation of space", due to the relocation that is being carried out and that other services of the hospital center are involved . According to health sources, thus, in the shortest period of time possible, the areas will be restructured with wider circuits and in accordance with the needs of the population being served.

As was already known on September 8, the Governing Council of the Junta de Andalucía approved at its meeting an amount of five million euros for investment in infrastructure.

Contagion rate

From the Hospital de Poniente, they recall that the accumulated contagion rate in the Poniente Health area is "well above that considered as High Degree of Transmission". Despite the situation, an “extraordinary effort” is being made at the hospital center with the adoption of strict prevention measures against Covid-19 that are allowing to maintain a safe environment.

To this situation, the hospital is added that in the coming months they will have to endure the “discomforts” that any work supposes, and as they point out from Poniente, and more one that “must be carried out in areas of a hospital center whose activity cannot be stopped "So they ask for collaboration, understanding and patience from both professionals and patients.

A few days ago, the Minister of Health and Families of the Board, Jesus Aguirre, announced the total amount for the province of Almería destined for health infrastructures in the face of the health pandemic caused by the coronavirus. The total amount announced is 6.2 million euros, and it will be used to undertake a total of 79 works.

In the province "it will act both in primary and hospital care." Torrecárdenas Hospital will benefit from the expansion of four operating rooms, a new Post-anesthetic Recovery Unit (URPA) and the reform of the critical care unit, among other actions. The Hospital La Inmaculada de Huércal Overa will reform the emergency breathing circuits, among other measures.

Regarding health care, work is being done on the adaptation of spaces for the prevention of transmission of Covid-19, as is the case of the health centers of the Plaza de Toros de Almería, or the expansion of consultations in the Adra Health Center, among more actions in the province.