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Levante beach in Almerimar becomes more accessible

The City Council reserves a stretch of beach intended to facilitate the stay on the sand and access to water for people with reduced mobility

Levante de Almerimar beach already has a new space more accessible for people with disabilities. The Department of Tourism has reserved a stretch of beach in order to allocate it to facilitate the stay in the sand and access to water for people with reduced mobility, which is identified by indicative banners installed in the area.

In this line, from the local government they indicated in this regard that the objective is to take this measure to other points of the ejido beach, thus responding to a demand raised by this group, given the high influx that knows the stretch of beach in question, to facilitate the stay in the sand and access to water for people with reduced mobility.

This measure is in addition to others that the City Council implements every summer such as the reservation of parking spaces, an accessible route to the beach, sidewalk recesses, concrete walkways of a special width close to two meters, which allows crossing wheelchairs, also provided with a tactile podo band for the blind, and extended in turn by a flexipararela that allows access to the shore, as well as adapted showers and toilets, shaded area, amphibious chairs and crutches or service of assisted bathing, through the rescue and lifeguard staff.

On the other hand, other improvements introduced this season are the placement of pictograms on the outside of the toilet and life-saving modules, and posters of routines for using the bathrooms and sinks inside, both adapted to people with autism, as well as the availability of identification bracelets for people with disorientation.

At the beginning of this summer, the City Council had the collaboration and advice of the Almería Federation of Associations of People with Disabilities (FAAM). Its president, Valentín Sola, highlighted in this regard "the great progress that the beaches of El Ejido have in terms of accessibility."

Similarly, through the 'Playas El Ejido' application, bathers and users can find out about the services provided on the municipality's beaches, and which, in addition, communicates this year almost in real time, the degree of influx of users on the different beaches of the municipality, as a preventive measure against Covid-19, in order to control the capacity and guarantee social distancing.

"All these actions are encompassed in a strategy of continuous improvement of our tourist destination, in this case in its most prominent segment such as sun and beach," said Councilor Luisa Barranco.