I have been really busy recently so have not had time to publish much on here. Today, for logistical reasons, I had to drop out of playing Friday golf. So I have found a little spare time to search for stories.

The article here on the Ideal site has some info about future archaeology stuff being orgainsed by the council. For when things return to normal around here.

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The local government approves the annual activity plan of the Archaeological Collection

Exhibitions, talks and guided tours will publicize, disseminate and highlight the heritage wealth of the municipality

At its last meeting, the Governing Board of the El Ejido City Council approved the implementation of the annual plan of activities for the Archaeological Collection of El Ejido 2020.

An initiative with which it aims to publicize, disseminate and value the heritage wealth of the municipality.

In this way, through this calendar a series of proposals will be made with which the history and the important historical legacy that the city has will be promoted.

To this end, a budget of 20,000 euros per year will be destined, and it contemplates, on the part of the local government, the development of different actions such as the holding of workshops, exhibitions and guided tours, which were scheduled to start free of charge on Saturday, but whose beginning is postponed by the measure adopted by the City Council yesterday to postpone the massive cultural activities in the Auditorium, as well as the closure of the Central Library and study rooms of the nuclei, as a preventive measure against the affectation of the coronavirus .

Once normality is restored, visits will take place in the morning, from 10:00 to two in the afternoon, from Tuesday to Saturday. It will also open its doors on holidays such as International Museum Day, International Archeology Day or International World Heritage Day.

The objective of this initiative, as explained by the mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Góngora, "is to create synergies between the Archaeological Collection and the Ciavieja site."

In addition, the top municipal official stressed that "this Annual Plan will meet the objectives set by the local government to value our valuable historical legacy as part of our hallmarks."

On the other hand, it will try to bring this knowledge to schoolchildren by also carrying out different initiatives such as work and workshops to familiarize themselves with this environment.

In addition, in the case of older people, their active participation in the processes of the historical account is intended, allowing them to share their experiences and memory through coordinated actions.

On the other hand, another of the objectives set by the local government with this Annual Plan of Activities is the promotion of tourism through the CAEE.

In this sense, the government team considers that cultural heritage can become one of the main resources of tourism demand and a leading agent in seasonality.

In parallel, work will continue on research, due to the close relationship that exists between the Archaeological Collection with the Ciavieja Site.

On the other hand, the Governing Board gave the application for the deposit of goods from the Andalusian Museum Collection to the Ministry of Culture for the Archaeological Collection of El Ejido, as well as the expansion of the Catalog of Pieces for the Collection.