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A Zifio of more than 5 meters appears on the beach of Almerimar

The animal was injured and agonizing when it was sighted at 7.30 in the morning

The neighbors who walked this morning on the beach of Levante de Almerimar have been surprised by the impressive presence of a marine animal of just over five meters stranded on the beach.

It is a female of a species known as Zifio de Cuvier that was sighted in the first instance by the cleaning services of the City Council of El Ejido. Automatically, they have notified the Local Police and an action protocol has been activated in which the Equinac association has taken action.

Zifios are a variety of cetaceans that are characterized by having a sharp snout similar to that of dolphins.

It is precisely its coordinator in the area, Eva Morón, who explains that "when they warned the animal was alive but with many wounds and much suffering for what has been euthanized."

Therefore, the next step is to wait for its withdrawal to transfer it to the center that Equinac has in Almerimar since, as Morón explains, “there is a national alert with this species and the protocol establishes that they are experts who will arrive from the Canary Islands those who have to do the necrosia. They are already notified and are expected to arrive here today. ”

So now everything is pending the transfer of the animal to this recovery center by a City Council of El Ejido to which Morón thanks “the great collaboration provided both through the Local Police and other people and services that have intervened” .