The article here on the town hall site has details of upcoming improvements to water supplies in the eastern park of Almerimar. For people on the main town side of the rugby pitch.

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The construction of a new Pumping Station attached to the Ejido Beach reservoir will allow all Almerimar to enjoy desalinated water over the next year

The local government is already working on the important construction project of a new Pumping Station attached to the Ejido Beach reservoir that will allow the entire Almerimar core to enjoy desalinated water over the next year. To do this, at the beginning of 2020 the necessary work will be undertaken to facilitate the connection between the Ejido Beach deposits and the Almerimar deposit. Thanks to this important infrastructure, whose execution period is estimated at approximately four months, the desalinated water from which only the area between Ejido Beach and the Rugby Field is nourished will be extended to the Entinas; thus covering the needs of this service throughout Almerimar.

The mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Góngora, has said that “this important infrastructure will allow the Almerimar reservoir, which currently supplies water from El Ejido, can benefit from the return of desalinated water; thus supplying all of Almerimar ”.

Gongora explained that “the Ejido Beach reservoir can receive water from both the Pampanico well system and the Desalination Plant in Campo de Dalías; water that is distributed within the core of Almerimar, but only for the Ejido Beach area and from there to the area of ​​the Rugby field, but it does not cover the demand of the rest of the core, something that will be solved by connection works between the two deposits, which will allow the desalinated water to be taken from the Ejido Beach to the Almerimar reservoir.

For the mayor, "it is a project of great relevance since it will allow desalinated water to reach the entire core, while improving the quality of this service in a very important way."

The works will contemplate the replacement of the Almerimar Deposit by a load breaking casket that would form the head of the Almerimar supply system. In this line, it should be noted that the planned solution, in addition to guaranteeing the supply to the area dominated by the current Almerimar deposit, will allow the arrival of desalinated water to that same area, significantly improving the characteristics of the waters currently distributed.

It should be remembered that the residents of Balerma, Guardias Viejas, Matagorda, Paraíso al Mar and Ejido Beach have already enjoyed this service for a few months.