The article here on the town hall website says that they are going to spend 2.3M euros to improve public lighting in the municipality. I guess this includes Almerimar.

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The process of modernization of public lighting will begin in late August in order to improve the energy efficiency of the entire municipality

The Local Government Board today approved this important project, as well as the construction management in charge of the company AIMA ENGINEERING

It will involve a total investment of 2.3 million euros, included in the 'Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development Strategy of El Ejido Sostenible 2020 (EDUSI) co-financed at 80% by FEDER Funds under the Multiregional Operational Program of Spain 2014- 2020, and 20% by the City Council

The mayor explained that "thanks to this, it will be possible not only to improve the light capacity in those streets and neighborhoods where it is now deficient, but also to advance energy optimization, environmental sustainability and the reduction of annual billing expenses "

The City Council of El Ejido has held today Local Government Board in which a total of eight points have been approved on the agenda and some, of great relevance, outside it. Among the latter, the approval of the 'Project for the supply of luminaires and execution of works for the improvement of the energy efficiency of the external lighting of the municipality', as well as the direction of works in accordance with the assistance contract existing technique that will be carried out by the company AIMA ENGINEERING.

This will allow the lighting modernization process of both streets and public roads, as well as the facades of municipal buildings to begin, almost in all likelihood, at the end of this month.

This ambitious renovation of the current lighting system will involve an investment of 2.3 million euros, which are included in the 'Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development Strategy of El Ejido Sostenible 2020 EDUSI', co-financed at 80% by FEDER Funds in the framework of the Multi-Regional Operational Program of Spain 2014-2020, and 20% by the City Council.

In this way, the government team foresees the replacement of a large part of the municipality's lighting by a state-of-the-art system that will provide significant energy savings and the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, thus favoring the conservation of the environment.

This is what the mayor, Francisco Góngora, has referred to as “a great initiative, since thanks to it, not only will the light capacity be improved in those streets and neighborhoods where it is currently deficient, but energy progress will also be advanced , in terms of environmental sustainability and in reducing billing expenses ”. In addition, being the implementation of new systems based on remote management will also facilitate maintenance and control of consumption.

Another of the points approved by the Governing Board has been the contracting of the ‘Ticket sales services for artistic shows that are developed in any of the scenic spaces available of municipal ownership or in another place that is temporarily enabled’. Finally, it has been the company Manantial de Ideas S.L the winner of the service, who also plans to increase the points of sale and even install autonomous sales machines.

In another order of things, it should also be noted that several green building licenses have been given for the basic project and the execution of irrigation warehouses and irrigation rafts in the municipality.