Jacqui and I have been away for a few days. So I am only just catching up on the local news.

The article here on the town hall website is from last Friday. It is about the services on the beaches this year.

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The ejidense beaches continue to gain in accessibility with more and better services and equipment that make them increase the quality quotas

In recent years, there has been an important advance in this matter counting the ejidense coast with parking reservations, adapted toilets and showers, four shading zones, 12 amphibious chairs, 16 amphibious crutches and bath support staff

One of the main novelties introduced in the last year is that the wooden walkways have been lengthened and replaced by other concrete footbridges at the four accessible points, Levante, Poniente, San Miguel and Balerma to facilitate access to the sandy areas

The mayor of this area has remarked that "there has been a significant qualitative and quantitative leap in terms of means, infrastructure and training of personnel; thus making the coast a safer place and allowing everyone to enjoy the bath on equal terms "

It should be remembered that there are also four shaded areas, equipped with adapted toilets, 12 amphibious chairs and, as a novelty this year, there are 16 crutches that will make it easier for people with reduced mobility to get into the water
The beaches of the Ejido coast continue to gain in terms of accessibility with more and better services and equipment that make them increase the quotas of quality and functionality for people with reduced mobility. And it is that the municipal objective is to make the coast an increasingly safe space, better prepared and equipped. This has been said by the mayor responsible for Tourism, Luisa Barranco, who remarked that "there has been a significant qualitative and quantitative leap in terms of media, infrastructure and training of personnel; thus converting the coast into a safer place and allowing everyone to enjoy the sun and the bath under equal conditions ".

In this way, the City Council has installed new adapted showers, enabled new parking reservations in all the main accesses to the beach and in the busiest parking of the coast, it has been sought that from the parkings and until arriving at the beach the itinerary is accessible, equipped with adapted toilets and showers, 4 shaded areas, 12 amphibious chairs, 16 amphibious crutches and staff have been procured to support the bathroom. But, without a doubt, the main novelty has been the replacement of traditional wooden footbridges by other prefabricated concrete that are much more durable and resistant.

Barranco explained that "this summer we have tried that the catwalks have 110 meters and a special width of 180 centimeters". This with the intention that "to provide people with reduced mobility who can reach the sand and water without difficulties and in a comfortable way". In addition, "this season also, we have tendered the provision of power and climate control of rescue and lifeguard modules on beaches," said the mayor.

To all these means, it is added the possibility of making a bathroom adapted with the help of professionals trained in the field. And it is that, as will be remembered, having beach staff and lifeguards more and more prepared and trained is another of the municipal concerns. For this reason, each year different courses are taught aimed at the 'Attention to people with disabilities in the aquatic environment' to improve, even more, the provision of this service or having to do with 'Sign Language' with the same purpose .

All these improvements and additions have made it possible for the city to become part of the FAAM Accessibility Guide today and collaborate with organizations such as the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality (ICTE) or with the Discapnet website. The local government works on the development of policies based on the promotion of accessible tourism, thus approaching the prevailing model of society in Europe, which is increasingly modern, advanced and free of architectural barriers. So much so that, as will be recalled, this week the XII Accessibility Guide to the beaches of the province was presented in El Ejido by the Minister of Tourism, Juan Marín and the president of the Almeria Federation of Associations of People with Disabilities FAAM, Valentín Sola. In it, the municipality represents an important place because in recent years the local government has made an intense work in this area thus complying with the Tourism Law of Andalusia.
It should also be remembered that the beaches are audited each year for obtaining the Q of Tourism Quality, which are delivered by the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality, and the Blue Flag badges, by the Association of Environmental Education and Consumer, in addition to having the SICTED and Ecoplayas awards. To be able to wear these badges, it is also necessary to comply with all the requirements related to accessibility.

Finally, Barranco has stressed that "it is necessary to continue taking steps in this direction, further increasing municipal services and services." That is why, as you have recalled, "taking advantage of the presence of the counselor these days in our town and taking into account the excellent dialogue that exists with the Junta de Andalucía, we ask the counselor to be especially taken into account within the call of subsidies planned to be able to carry out projects that deepen the accessibility of our beaches, such as the installation of aquatic shade areas, the installation of flotation buoys, especially useful for people with visual impairments, the acquisition of new toilet modules as a first aid that they are already asking for a renewal ".