2019 Copo Motorway Exit

Further to the article here from November last year about changes to two motorway junctions close to Almerimar. The article explained that work would take place on the 409 (Almerimar/Copo) junction and the 411 (Las Norias) junction in 2019.

Work has now started on the 411 junction. There are signs on the motorway saying that the Las Norias exit is closed and to use other exits to get to Las Norias. I was driving that way this morning. It is OK to take this exit then head north towards the eastern end of El Ejido. However the turning south towards Las Norias is now closed. While the improvement work takes place.

As yet, there is no disruption at the 409 (Almerimar) junction. Mind you, a friend told me a week or two ago he saw a machine perhaps drilling some holes in the ground near the junction. So perhaps work has started on the foundations for the new bridge that is going to be built. I guess we will just have to wait and see.