Almerimar from the cliffs 3 June 2019

In the last few weeks I have been speaking to various people about new property being built in Almerimar. It appears that the vast majority of the new builds are houses rather than apartments. As I believe that there are quite a lot of apartments already for sale in Almerimar. I am not sure but I think part of the desire for more houses is that Almerimar is slowly becoming more of a dormitory town for El Ejido.

The photo above that I took a few days ago got me thinking about this subject. When I get some spare time I will probably go around town and take some photos of the various development sites.

On the far right of the photo above close to the top you can see an urbanisation with I guess more than 70+ new houses close to completion. To the right of those white buildings I think you can just see two cranes. This is one of the few developments where some apartments are being built. The builders look to be finishing off a half-built development that has not been touched for a long time. As well as the apartments I think there are 5-6 houses being finished in that area as well.

Just over half way up on the left hand side of the photo you see the fairway and green of the 2nd hole on the Master 3 (Classic) course. Just out of shot, close to the tee of this hole the first of a number of houses is currently under construction. I have been told that some more houses are also under construction between the golf course and the sea in this area.

Closer to the original part of town there are developments going on as well. For some time there have been houses under construction on the right hand side half way down on the road into Almerimar.

Another new complex of houses is being built on the land between the D´Bar towers and the cliff.

Plus, some time ago I saw an advertising hoarding near Mercadona promoting the development of some new property on a now vacant part of the Velas Blancas urbanisation.

From the above it appears that there is an increase in demand for new property in Almerimar. Particularly houses.