The article here on the Ideal site has some details of sports facilities being promised by the various parties in the upcoming local elections.

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The PP will build pavilions in Ejido Norte and Almerimar and a sports complex in Balerma

There are several major sports projects that the PP carries in its electoral program for the next four years. These include the construction of a sports pavilion in Ejido Norte and another in Almerimar, as well as a sports complex in El Palmeral de Balerma with soccer, sports and climbing walls.

They are joined by others such as a Multiple Use Center in Matagorda that will also have sports space, a skatepark with three levels of difficulty in El Ejido, the substitution of the natural grass of the Santo Domingo Stadium or a High Performance Center in Almerimar for elite soccer teams, which is in the process of bidding.

This was explained by the Councilor for Sports María José Martín, at the press conference held yesterday at the headquarters of the PP, where he also noted that among the objectives for the next mandate include the promotion of inclusive sports through the Municipal Institute of Sports and enable spaces in parks, walks and public squares for free and outdoor sports.

Martin has specified that "our intention is to make municipal sports the basis of all the sport of El Ejido, this being the mine that gives the different clubs the raw material necessary to achieve the best possible sporting results."

Regarding the projects that the popular have developed during these last eight years, the head of this area highlighted "the improvement of facilities and increase of sport at all levels, with more top-level facilities for the practice of different modalities", At the same time he emphasized that "the roofs of all the sports halls have been fixed, ten free-use football and basketball courts have been built, the turf has been changed in the annexed field of Santo Domingo, as well as the four Paddle Pavilion and we have developed a modern Sports Complex in the Municipal Pool ».

On this subject, Martin recalled that "in the last four years have been allocated 1.5 million euros to remodel and refurbish many of these infrastructures."

On the other hand, the popular also influenced the support given to both local clubs, which were awarded last year more than 500,000 euros in sponsorships to athletes and subsidies for material expenses and travel clubs to competitions, like the federated sport. In the last season they were a total of 10,100 hours distributed between the different clubs and that they suppose a total cost in cession of facilities 145,963 euros.


PSOE de El Ejido supports the practice of sports activities in public spaces.

Thus, the Socialists criticize that in the municipality the development of these sports activities is limited, to a great extent, to closed places, at the time that they show their complaint that the spaces for leisure are "very scarce".

That is why the proposal in sports and leisure of the socialist ejà © rica goes through the creation of spaces that generate opportunities for meeting, social relationship and in which young people develop their talent in the different sports disciplines.

In this way, citizen participation will be generated and alternatives will be offered to families in different places, spread across the different neighborhoods and nuclei.

Thus, the proposals of the PSOE for the municipality go through to establish plans of regeneration and rehabilitation of public spaces, buildings and neighborhoods, to plan and articulate zones of leisure and sport, and to eliminate architectural barriers, in addition to building a citizen and business experience.

Also, one of the most important points in terms of leisure and sport of the PSOE is the recovery of the Municipal Park project of the Cañada de Ugíjar, where they would also create urban and neighborhood gardens.

Likewise, the Socialists propose building healthy parks in which different sports activities can be put into practice, including modalities such as parkour or calisthenics, as well as facilitating the use of existing sports areas and ensuring a more demanding degree of maintenance.

To this we can add a beach soccer field in Balerma and a pool in Santa María del Águila.


Sport and sports are fundamental in the personal and social development for IU-Equo because of the health benefits but also because of its educational, egalitarian and socializing nature, becoming an integration tool.

That is why the promotion of sport among children and youth becomes a prominent point of the electoral program of this formation of left at the local level, but also among the rest of citizens.

Thus, some of the measures planned for the municipality would be the promotion of alternative sports by creating spaces for graffiti, parkour, skatepark, always following the suggestions of young people.

On the other hand, IU-Equo raises in its electoral program the recovery of public management of municipal facilities that are in the hands of private companies as is the case of the pool, as well as the adequacy of sports facilities that are deteriorated as the soccer field and the sports courts of Balerma, or the soccer fields of San Agustín, Pampanico, Matagorda and Tarambana.

In this line, this formation of lefts aims to enable the expansion of the municipal park as a space for recreational and sports use, as well as completing the network of sports facilities in the densest population centers.

On the other hand, IU-Equo proposes signaling and adapting several circuits, assigning them to the practice of mountain bike sport on rural roads, an area of ​​free flight in the Boca de los Frailes area and new urban itineraries for walking, with the constitution of a green belt of El Ejido, with exclusive programs for the elderly and expanding the adventure program for all, in addition to a sports school for children and youth.


In sports UPyD is committed to the promotion and implementation of projects that promote physical activity of various sectors of the population, such as the free activity 'El Ejido goes on wheels', which would have the only condition to travel with a vehicle to wheels without motor.

It also includes in its program the adaptation of a public area to create a calisthenics park.


Citizens ElEjido also has in its program the construction of multipurpose sports centers in Almerimar and Ejido Norte. They also propose activating the sports infrastructure plan and include studying the municipal pool project for the cores. Along with these proposals, the orange training also proposes the creation of a plan of urban paths and greenways and the improvement of the system of Municipal Sports Schools and the availability of sports centers.

We can

The sports policy of Podemos could go through the promotion of base sports, with special emphasis on women's sports. To do so, it would start with policies to promote grassroots sports in schools and institutes, and develop promotion programs jointly with the actors working in the field of health. Likewise, Podemos proposes in its municipal program the promotion of sports practice in public spaces and natural environments.


Among the proposals on sports that Vox has in its program is the increase and improvement of the exploitation of the environment through the creation of green routes or MTB trails.

On the other hand, this political training proposes to collaborate and help the elite athletes of the municipality, but especially to support and encourage grassroots sport, in addition to launching the recovery of open sports areas in all districts of the municipality.