Road To Darsena 1 On 18 March 2019

 I happened to be in the Darsena 1 part of town earlier today. While there I spotted there were some road works going on. It looks like some form of pipe is going to be installed under the road.

The other thing I noticed was the cafeteria and the bike hire shop. They have probably been there for ages. However they have not caught my eye before now.

I also spotted the for rent sign on what used to be Leo's. Not sure whether they have opened up in their new place yet. I guess I will have to wander round Darsena 3 and have a look sometime.

If you click on the image above you can see a bigger version of it.

PS Other news on the bar/restaurant merry-go-round. Looks like Chingon restaurant is now closed.

PPS I hear a rumour that La Plaza might be extending their kitchen or building a new one.