Mossie Spraying In Almerimar - Late Feb 2019

I got the photo above from the Almerimar Junta Local Facebook page. As you can see it is the time of year where the council start spraying to try to reduce the number of mossies here.

Here is a Google translation of the text that was with the image (with the text tidied up a bit):

"Since February the fumigation works have started. During the first hours of the day the treatments are carried out. Mainly in roads and public streets.
We must all be involved in controlling this.
For this reason, please could we all pay attention to the main focuses:
✔️ Pools
✔️ Flowerpot plates.
✔️Drains from terraces, etc."
I remember that around this time last year the council was trying to get all urbanisations and owners in Almerimar to play their part in this work. The key is that we all have to get rid of areas of stagnant water.