Levante Park 

UPDATED: I assume this is the play area close to Espigon as they say it will be almost 1000 square metres.

I picked this up of the El Ejido Es Mi Prioridad Facebook page. The image above is from the page and there is a press release about the upcoming changes to the Levante park area of Almerimar here: https://elejido.es/…/Comun…/textos/190221_Junta_Gobierno.doc.

Read More for a Google translation of the press release.

The Levante de Almerimar park will gain in functionality with the expansion of the play area to almost 1,000 square meters of surface
The project will revitalize this space in an integral way, considerably increasing its leisure and entertainment infrastructure
The lighting of the square will be improved by replacing the luminaires of the existing lamps with other new Led types
More shade areas will be created with the planting of trees and more gardening in the surroundings
The Government Board held as every Thursday in the City of El Ejido has approved about twenty items on the agenda related to the different areas of municipal management.
Thus, in the area of ​​Public Works, the approval of the project for the extension, improvement, adaptation and modernization of the Levante de Almerimar Park has been given the green light, with which it will gain in functionality and inclusion. For this, the municipal government will allocate a game of 87,745.32 euros that will serve to revitalize this area in an integral way, considerably increasing its leisure and entertainment infrastructure and allowing the enjoyment of a larger space for children's games that will accommodate the Recreation and recreation of neighbors.
The project will be developed in four phases. The first includes the expansion of the playground from the current 160.68 square meters, to more than 950 square meters, of which 709.90 square meters will be of hearth and 196.16 square meters incorporate an area of Soft rubber floor. To do this, the annex house will be used and it will be moved from a gravel floor to a paved surface. In addition, the pre-installation of irrigation and foundations will be carried out.
The second phase includes the supply and placement of new children's games that include elements for children with reduced mobility. This includes the installation of a set of climbing ropes, as well as spring type; a little house for the little ones and an inclusive swing.
The third phase aims to improve the lighting of the square, replacing the existing street lamps with other new Led types, more respectful with the environment that will optimize the quality of the urban space.
And, finally, the fourth phase is intended for the gardening of the environment and the plantation of trees that provide shade in the playgrounds. The irrigation installation will also be done.
For the execution of all the work phases described, a period of 60 days is estimated. The municipal spokesman, José Francisco Rivera, has detailed that "the extension and improvement of the general image of this park is one of the interventions that, from the City Council, we understand that it should be carried out because it is an ideal space for recreation in one of the points with greater confluence of tourists and visitors of all the municipal term not only in summer season but during the rest of the year ".
In this line, the municipal spokesman recalled that the government team is working on other projects to refurbish other children's areas of the municipality that will soon see the light. Specifically, yesterday the contracting body proposed a company as a contractor for the execution of the project with which it will act in three different places: the Plaza Claudio, located between the streets Diocleciano, La Pampa, Princes of Spain and Aureliano; Plaza Francisco Navarrete, located between the streets Olympiad and Aureliano; and the Plaza de las Alpujarras, located between the boulevard of El Ejido, Carretera de Pampanico and Calle Tulipanes. With an investment of 80,000 euros to undertake these works, the pavement of these public spaces will be renewed, in which a more secure and suitable rubber protection floor will be placed for the small ones that will allow the adaptation of these parks to the current regulations. In the same way, it will bring a new aspect to the area, since, also, the installation of new facilities is planned, among which will be included swings and inclusive games. Regarding this project the municipal spokesman has stressed that "the renovation of urban furniture is contemplated through the provision of new bins and banks, whose objective will be to encourage rest and leisure for the neighbors outdoors". It is expected that all these actions will be carried out within the estimated period of two months.