The article here on the Ideal website has details of work to improve the supply of water to the Balerma and Almerimar area.

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The City Council improves drinking water service between Balerma and Almerimar


The works to boost the water from the desalination plant to the Balerma deposit, promoted by Aguas de El Ejido, will allow for better quality water.

The City Council of El Ejido is promoting improvement works in the water supply in the coastal area. So, at the moment works are being carried out to boost the water from the desalination plant of Campo de Dalías to the Balerma deposit.

A project promoted by Aguas de El Ejido that aims to guarantee the supply of better quality water to the existing coastal strip between Balerma and Almerimar.

In this sense, it is a project that consists of the execution of the drive station attached to the desalination plant; the connections to the Acuamed driving; and the laying of the municipal conduit to the head warehouses, including the execution of a work of jacking under the national highway 340.

A project for which a budget has been allocated that amounts slightly above 600,000 euros.

The mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Góngora, hinted during his visit to the work being done in the area of ​​El Canalillo that "the purpose of this action is to ensure the supply of desalinated water to the area dominated by the Balerma deposit, to the coastal strip, thus substantially improving the quality of the drinking water supplied ».

In this sense, the municipal chief recalled that "this is a very necessary and urgent action due to the constant process of marine intrusion in the aquifer that is causing the water extracted in the capture of urban supply Pozo de la Cuesta de los Scorpions are increasing their salinity levels. "


In this line, the mayor ejidense stressed that "once analyzed the possibilities of substituting water from this well for another alternative source of supply has been determined that the best viable option is the supply of higher quality water directly from the desalination plant" .

On the other hand and according to indications of Acuamed, it is going to have a conduction of diameter of 500 millimeters, destined to irrigation, that at the moment has not entered in service and of which temporarily it is going away to make use, once finished the works.

However, Góngora stressed that "the capacity of the planned facilities would allow the provision of larger volumes in the future".

This means that through these facilities could be carried out "the supply of drinking water to new growth and other areas dominated by the large deposit of Balerma, as the urban centers of Guards and Almerimar Viejas," said the mayor of El Ejido