The article here on the Ideal site has details of a new shopping and leisure centre that is supposed to be ready to open in 2021. It is going to be built on some empty ground close to the tennis club in El Ejido.

With Mercadona, Decathlon, Brico Depot and other businesses to set up there.

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New leisure and restoration center in 2021 in El Ejido


Godoy is the promoter of this project that will be located in the area next to the Tennis Club and that will be built on a plot of 20,000 square meters

The municipality of El Ejido will have a new leisure and restoration center. A great space that will stand out for having some of the first chains of restoration in the country, with brands of recognized prestige and that will be conceived paying special attention to the design, taking care of all the details, with the aim of making it attractive, functional, modern and that is directed so much to enjoy in family as with friends.

The project promoted by Godoy is in the initial phase of the project. Thus, the Compensation Board has just been constituted and the objective is to present the reparcelling project next February to urbanize the area.

In parallel, the promoter is developing an intense agenda of contacts and meetings with first-class operators and firms, of which, however, they have not wanted to advance anything.

However, job portals such as job news do advance some of the names of companies that will be involved in this project as Mercadona, Decathlon, KFC, Brico Depot or Gifi. Many of them are brands that have no presence at the moment in the ejidense municipality. In addition, with the arrival of Brico Depot, El Ejido would once again have a large DIY chain, after the closure of Brico King.

On the other hand, the objective of the promoter is that the new center of leisure and restoration, which is expected to have no fashion and accessories stores, becomes operational in 2021. For this, it is possible that the works could even begin to throughout this same year, although on this point property has not been pronounced, since there are many aspects that need to be addressed before.

It will include a gym

In this way, this new center that will be built on a plot of 20,000 square meters, will have three floors. The first one will be allocated in full to parking, while the second will make part of a parking lot and another part of commerce compatible. The upper floor will have a pedestrian format with restaurants. In this same plant will also be located a gym.

The Advisory Commission of Internal Commerce of Andalusia (CACI), advisory body of the Junta de Andalucía, already reported favorably on the installation of a large commercial establishment in the Ejido. A new space, which however, will not come to rival the Copo Shopping Center, which will be very close, or with other large facilities such as El Corte Inglés, but to expand the range of leisure and restoration that exists in the municipality.

In this line the mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Góngora, said that the goal is to create an area "of high quality, pleasant, where you can have a coffee, eat or have a drink and I think it is a good initiative."

Also, the municipal chief said that throughout this year the urbanization should be completed and could start the construction of the new center, "because construction and urbanization can be combined".

In this sense, it also highlights the location in which it has been decided to establish this new center for leisure and restoration, turning all that area of ​​Santo Domingo into a new nerve center of the municipality. And all this taking into account the improvements that are expected at road level.

On this matter, the mayor stressed that "the drafting of the road link of Copo must be concluded, with which traffic will be more fluid, the center's platform is extended, a bike lane and a pedestrian path are inserted, improvements are made the escapes both towards Almeria and towards Malaga, and the entrances and exits, with which this investment that will go over 4.5 million euros, including that of Santa María del Águila, will make that link much more dynamic ».