Ric O'Barry in ALmerimar

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The trainer of Flipper in Almerimar to help reintegrate the dolphin Marcos at sea.

Ric O'Barry is in Almerimar to help reintroduce the dolphin Promar Marcos at sea.
Ric O'Barry and Richard (Ric) O'Barry (born in 1941) became known in the 1960s to capture and train five female dolphins that were used for the famous television series Flipper. Shortly after one of his dolphins (Cathy) died in his arms, O'Barry changed training dolphins in captivity to fight firmly against the captivity of animals. O'Barry has excelled in the making of The Cove, a documentary using covert techniques brought to light the annual dolphin hunt in emigration in the coast of Taiji, Japan.

After leaving the Navy, O'Barry began training dolphins in the sixties with the Miami Seaquarium. At the same time he was hired for the show Flipper. Although O'Barry admits he was aware of the remarkable intelligence of mammals with which he worked, also attest that it ignored compared to the great fortune he was getting through the series. In her own words "I was young, had a glamorous job, driving a Porsche, everything was easy."
After the death of one of his dolphins, bottlenose dolphin named Cathy, could no longer deny what he saw as a severe and fatal consequence of captivity he had helped create. O'Barry says Cathy had committed suicide, based on the universal fact that cetaceans are voluntarily breathing animals. Unlike humans, cetaceans choose when and when not breathe. According to O'Barry, after weeks of depression Cathy swam into his arms, inhale air through your nostrils and did not take another (this is because the dolphins do not breathe automatically like humans, each inhalation Air is an effort for the mammal).

Dolphin Project created an international organization dedicated to the release in a natural environment of all captive dolphins and whales.