The article here on the Ideal site says that the improvements to the motorway junction near Copo are still on track to take place in 2019.

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The project of remodeling the links of the A-7 of Copo and Santa María del Águila, closer

The Official State Bulletin (BOE) included in its edition on Monday the formalization of the service contract for the drafting of the construction project for the improvement of links 409 and 411 of the A-7 Mediterranean motorway.

In this line, the Ministry of Development will allocate an estimated budget of 4.45 million euros to this project.

On the other hand, once the project has been completed and the works are executed, this remodeling will improve the links of the A-7 with other roads that give access to the municipality of El Ejido.

The action that is planned to be carried out on link 409, which is currently diamond-type with intersections of the weighing type, is the increase and improvement of the platforms of the roundabouts, as well as the enlargement of the overpass on the trunk of the highway, through the construction of another structure parallel to the existing one, which can house two lanes in each direction, bike lane and steel for pedestrians.

At this same point, we will try to increase the output capacity of the highway by duplicating the width of the deceleration branches and segregating the turn to the right of the roundabouts.

For its part, in relation to the 411 link, the works will consist of the transformation of the southern link to diamond type, the construction of closed roundabouts, one north and one south, and the rearrangement of existing intersections. Likewise, the project contemplates the variation of the current direct speed change lanes by others of parallel type, also extending its length.

This intervention will also contribute to reducing the danger points, since the current route does not allow absorbing the number of vehicles entering and leaving El Ejido through these links, causing continuous retentions at peak times of the day and in the season summer as the number of vehicles multiplied due to the increase in tourists and residents.

Precisely on the link 411 of the A-7 motorway last April several conservation works were carried out that consisted in the elevation of the grade of the track up to one meter in some points to avoid the problems that the accumulation of rainwater generated in that stretch.

At that time the mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Góngora, in addition to indicating that it was a very necessary action to solve the problems that until then were generated in that area "that before the fall of heavy rainfall forced to proceed to cut traffic due to the large accumulation of water », and pointed out that the forecast is that by the end of the year the wording and the works of this project would be ready, to start in 2019. Deadlines that seem to be fulfilled.

Some works that should contribute to decongest traffic in these two conflicting points.