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El Ejido will stay for now with seven bars on beaches.

Chiringuito Governing Board meeting this week in the city of El Ejido has agreed to cancel the contract, by mutual agreement, the Consistory ejidense company closed 'Dizu', who had commissioned the construction of nine bars on the coast ejidense fixed. Thus, the two who were not yet up and coast ejidense will have to settle for the seven we currently operating along the coast of the town.

Not surprisingly, the government is popular in El Ejido resumed this project last spring when he proposed to the winners of the bars that culminate works facilities in exchange for reductions in the monthly fee that should contribute to the city coffers. With this proposal, last summer was operating the four usual stalls plus three others were completed under these terms? (One of them, in fact, to use sports and hospitality).

Ejidense government spokesman, Jose Francisco Rivera, acknowledged that the original project includes the construction of two "but there is no prospect of early dates finish them in so that was appropriate to terminate the contract and ultimately elevate the act of partial termination" . In any case, Rivera announced that when the situation changes, the City does not rule them out to tender again or use the same mechanism of this summer for new bars.


The previous government team, Almería Party, announced the start of construction of these bars at the end of 2008. They were to be nine, from the Levante beach in Almerimar to the end of the Ensenada de San Miguel and all with an area of nearly 170 square meters plus 60 of terrace. However, the difficulties started soon.

The works were awarded in nearly two and a half million euros and the government defaulted on these payments PAL, so the contractor chose not to continue with construction.

Finally, the PP government? Announced last spring that drew tender the operation of three of Almerimar fixed bars that were not yet in operation and another whose works were started. Through this initiative, the coast ejidense featured more animation, but the poor economic outlook have deterred about the possible construction of the other two bars including fixed this ambitious tourism project.