Torre de Cerillos

The article here on the town hall website has details of an agreement between El Ejido and Roquetas to restore an old tower that I guess is somewhere in the nature reserve.

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Green light to the agreement of adhesion between El Ejido and Roquetas de Mar to protect, restore and preserve the Torre de Cerrillos

The Government Board has approved the signing of the document that will serve to highlight one of the most important defensive fortifications of the province in S. XV and XVI

The mayor said that "we will work on a musealization project for the tower that will promote its architectural, historical and landscape value, as well as its surroundings"

For Francisco Góngora, "this initiative comes in addition to the steps we have already taken when recovering, conserving and spreading our rich historical and cultural heritage that is part of our identity."
The City Council of El Ejido has hosted today its usual session of the Local Government Board in which a total of 19 points have been discussed and approved. Among the most important, undoubtedly, has been the agreement of adhesion between the City of El Ejido and Roquetas de Mar that will protect, restore and preserve the Tower of Cerrillos, which, as is known, is located in the Paraje Natural of Punta Entinas, specifically in the limit of the two municipalities.

This heading will involve the involvement of both administrations in the protection and enhancement of one of the most important defensive fortifications of the province during the 15th and 16th centuries. In this line the mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Góngora, has insisted on the importance of this document that reflects the commitment of both municipalities to put in value this important historical and heritage element that, declared of Cultural Interest in the category of monument, it is an important legacy for future generations, as well as a tourist resource more for our coast ".

Thanks to this document, which will be signed shortly, both municipalities will focus efforts to make the Tower an obligatory point of visit throughout the year, as well as a center where schoolchildren can learn, more closely, part of the history of the Almerian coast in the Muslim era and know how it acted before the continuous attacks of piracy. To this end, restoration interventions are envisaged for the building, which has deteriorated over the years and the action of the sea; its conservation through periodic maintenance of the same and the creation of an exhibition hall.

In this line, Góngora has advanced that "we will work together in the development of those actions that are necessary to be framed in technical projects of intervention, once the prior authorization of the competent public administrations is obtained". Moreover, he stressed that "a musealization project of this monument will be carried out that will promote its architectural, historical and landscape value, as well as its surroundings, which, as is well known, have great relevance at the environmental by being in a nature reserve ".

But, prior to all this, a Technical Commission will be set up that will be made up of municipal technicians from both City Councils and will be responsible for coordinating all the necessary actions, as well as the various phases of the recovery project of this property.

For Francisco Góngora, "this initiative comes to join the steps we have been taking for more than seven years now to recover, preserve and disseminate our rich historical and cultural heritage that, as we all know, is part of our signs of identity".

In this line, he recalled that "shows our commitment to preserve our heritage and heritage, and being aware of the great cultural and tourism resource that implies, we have launched various initiatives aimed at recovering its value and disseminate " In this way, he has referred to the different strategies aimed at visualizing the importance of the ancient City of Murgi. In this way, it has promoted and financed various actions of research, restoration and heritage dissemination, mainly in the Archaeological Zone of Ciavieja, which houses a prehistoric sequence of tremendous scientific and cultural interest ".

That is why the local government has foreseen within the Strategy of Sustainable Urban Development and integrated into 'Sustainable Ejido 2020', co-financed by 80% by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), within the framework of the Multiregional Operational Program of Spain 2014-2020 'two important lines of intervention that will involve an investment of nearly one million euros.

Thanks to this, intervention tasks are foreseen in the Ciavieja Site in order to improve and value the cultural heritage of El Ejido, increase the number of visitors who are attracted to the city as a result of the attractiveness of its heritage and promote the local development of the city. Other planned lines include small-scale investments, within the specific objective that deals with the promotion and development of the cultural heritage of urban areas.