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The Ejido headquarters of the first Summer School with Therapeutic Intervention of Andalusia for children with ASD

This pioneering project emerged in the Autonomous Navarre Association and now it is expanded to the municipality through the entrepreneurial initiative of the ejidense Nazaret Fernández and its Neuralba Center

The mayor, Francisco Góngora, today visited these facilities with the Councilor for Social Services Delia Mira and praised "the crucial work they perform in the social integration of this group"

Góngora explains that "the initiative contributes to the development, positive evolution and improvement of children with autism" and offers "a support to families who do not want to interrupt therapies to their children to avoid setbacks in the learning acquired during the course"

During July and August the 24 students have worked on vital aspects in terms of academic skills, social relations, autonomy, nutrition, behavior and communication problems.
The School has had a team of 5 people made up of occupational therapists, psychologists, speech therapists, as well as about thirty social volunteers and families who have participated with their children in this training.

The municipality of El Ejido is hosting these summer months of a pioneering project of inclusion in Andalusia. It is the first Summer School with Therapeutic Intervention for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) "that, after arising in the Navarra Autism Association in the regional community, has now expanded to the south and, more specifically, to the west region through the entrepreneurial initiative of the ejidense, Nazaret Fernández who is the one who welcomes her in its Neuro-Rehabilitation and Early Care Center.

The mayor, Francisco Góngora, came today, accompanied by the mayor Delia Mira, to these facilities to know 'first-hand' this "important initiative", as the councilor said, "contributes to the development, positive evolution and improvement of children with autism at the same time that it becomes a real support for those families that demand these therapies and attention throughout the year, so that your child continues with his development and his daily work in fundamental aspects that can not be stopped by the holidays "

In fact, during the visit to the Center, Fernandez explained to the mayor and the mayor that "the workshops and training that these children receive at the School are personalized sessions that avoid this setback in learning that, in many cases, professionals appreciate, after the summer stop in some children that need a lot of routine and daily attention ".

In total there have been 24 children and young people who have participated in this Summer School. In it, through individualized sessions, workshops and therapies have continued to work on vital aspects, such as academic skills, language, social relations, autonomy, nutrition, communication and behavior problems.

For the development of this daily attention, the School has a schedule from nine in the morning to two in the afternoon and a team of 5 people specialized and with great knowledge in assessment and therapeutic intervention in ASD, since they are occupational therapists, psychologists and speech therapists. On this occasion, in addition, there have been about thirty social volunteers whose profile stands out for being university students or people who have recently completed their training in any of these subjects.

The councilman has been able to check today as families from different parts of the West move daily to El Ejido to participate in this project with their children. In this way they receive specific training and techniques that help them to continue with this therapeutic work in their homes.

In this sense, Góngora has highlighted "the important role played by both families and volunteers involved in this project." That is why I encouraged them to "continue to be involved in this type of initiative, which undoubtedly becomes an enriching and formative experience, as it participates in a project that is unique in Andalusia and that helps them acquire direct knowledge and practical in the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and, most importantly, to be in contact with children with autism, seeing how they evolve each day and the positive effect that different therapies have ".

This project, which is being a success in its implementation, has had the presence of the coordinator of the Autonomous Association of Navarre, Amaya Núñez, during its first week, since the staff of the TEA Summer School in El Ejido has been forming, prior to the implementation of this initiative, in the facilities that this Association has in Pamplona.

Other types of leisure and outdoor activities have been added to the training activities that are being carried out, such as group cooking workshops, yoga, crafts, adapted games and musical and dance stimulation. The program has also had excursions to the beach, to the installations of Balsa del Sapo and different coexistence in the Municipal Park. All of them, undoubtedly, come to bring an incentive to the families and a more formula to ensure that these children face daily situations in order to improve the social skills and personal autonomy that they need in the face of their full social integration.

The Center for Neuro-Rehabilitation and Early Care 'Neuralba', which is already preparing the second edition of this Summer School, also wanted to highlight the close collaboration they have with the association ALTEA and 'Soy Especial y Qué?' For the development of initiatives like this one.