Looks like there is pretty high occupancy in the hotels in the area at the moment. According to the article here on the town hall website.

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Hotels, apartments and camping meet tourist forecasts skimming 100% of the occupation on the coast

the 4 and 5 star hotels, AR Almerimar and Golf, are 92 and 97 percent in the number of overnight stays and the apartments hang the 'full' poster

In the interior establishments there is also an increase in the number of reservations, reaching 90% in the case of Ejidohotel and 75% in the Hotel Victoria

The mayor of Tourism has shown his satisfaction with these data that "are due to the work being done between City Hall and sector, creating synergies that impact very positively on the flow of visitors"

In the absence of a few days to conclude August, the month of excellence for vacations, El Ejido already yields more than satisfactory statistics that give a good account of the extraordinary health enjoyed by the tourism sector of the city. In fact, with the balance of the first fortnight of this month, the initial forecasts are fulfilled when the 100% occupation of existing tourist places on the coast is touched. Some data that can be extended to the accommodation of the urban area, which reflects again the tendency of increase in the number of overnight stays.

In this way, the municipality has registered a significant increase in reserves not only with respect to last July, which closed with an average occupancy of 82.5%, but also in relation to previous summer seasons as the trend continues to the increase in the number of people who choose the municipality to spend their summer holidays.

This is so it is worth noting that hotel establishments on the coast such as the hotel AR Almerimar, four stars, and the Golf Almerimar, five stars, have registered a level of reserves as established in the initial forecasts. In this way, in both cases the occupation of this first fortnight has been 97%. In the case of tourist apartments such as 'Spirit Mar' has returned to complete all their places and even in the hotels of the interior has experienced a very significant growth; Ejidohotel has gone from 50% that registered last July to 90% so far this and the Victoria has gone from 51% to 75%.

In the campsite of Balerma something similar has happened, if in July its level of occupancy was estimated at 60%, it has been these last two weeks when it has made the jump to 90%. In this regard, the Councilor for Tourism, Luisa Barranco, has shown his satisfaction with these good data and is that, as noted, "in the absence of two weeks to end August, we have reached the established forecasts" , a fact that, as he recalled, "is due, in part, to the work that is being carried out jointly by the City Council and the tourism sector, creating synergies that have a very positive effect on the flow of visitors".

And, as he insisted, "we continue taking important steps towards the consolidation of El Ejido as a preferred destination, which is resulting in that, season after season, occupancy expectations are growing." A fact that, as he explained, "is due not only to all the actions that are being carried out in terms of empowerment of the sector but also to the excellent resources we have and the intense programming of activities they are organized, all of them of great quality and variety, in addition to our extraordinary beaches that, year after year, earn both services and technical and human resources, becoming safe spaces, well equipped and increasingly accessible.

In this line, the local manager has referred to two of the last events that have taken place last weekend in Almerimar, such as the 'pop up' market II Sun Market and the Rociera Pilgrimage and Coexistence. 'Pop Up'. Both have been referred to as "a great success of participation, having a very positive impact on the sector since it has been a tourist attraction".

Barranco has insisted that "what sets El Ejido apart from the rest is precisely the differentiating and original nature of the offer that is also of the highest quality and throughout the year, which is causing us to break seasonality." The mayor has also referred to the many actions that the local administration and the tourism sector itself are developing in order to promote the municipality as a preferred place to spend a few days of rest.

In this line, the mayor has referred to the adhesion of El Ejido SICTED distinctive, a quality certification promoted by the Tourism Institute of Spain with which it aims to create a homogeneous destination in terms of quality, getting all establishments use the same tourist assistance protocols, based on visitor satisfaction and which already form about 70 companies. He also recalled that the municipality has also joined a few months ago the agreement to join the project 'Intelligent Tourist Destinations', which manages the state company SEGITTUR to promote a more sustainable model and adapted to new technologies.

In this way and as stressed by the Councilor for purpose, "we continue taking firm steps towards the reconversion of the tourism sector and its adaptation to current market demands, creating a differentiating destination in which excellence prevails."