Fire At Plastic Recycling Plant - Aug18

I was a bit busy yesterday so I have only just got around to looking at various sites for news about the area.

The article here on the Ideal site has details of a fire at a plastic recycling plant not far from Almerimar last Sunday night. The article is from early on Monday morning.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.


The fire at the Demaplastic plastic recycling plant, controlled

The security perimeter was raised at six in the morning and the AL-1050 road was opened to traffic

The fire at the Demaplastic plastic recycling plant, in the Ejidal urban nucleus of Las Norias, in the Paraje de La Molina, on the La Mojonera highway, has been checked at six o'clock today. The security perimeter has been removed and the road AL-1050 of La Mojonera has been opened to traffic.

It has been a long night that lived the neighbors of this core ejidense, to which the Local Police gave around nine o'clock on Sunday night the recommendation of not leaving their homes and keeping doors and windows closed as caution, within the framework of the Local Emergency Plan that was activated.

Throughout the night, local police, Civil Guard, Firefighters of the Poniente Consortium, operators of the DUE, members of the Infoca, who joined the company at around 9pm, and Firefighters of the Almeria Airport, continued to work in a coordinated manner. They were incorporated around midnight to reinforce the device.

The delegate of the Government of the Junta de Andalucía, Gracia Fernández; the mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Góngora; and the councilman of Agriculture, Manuel Gómez, were in the area during the night of yesterday, to follow the progress of the works of extinction.

The 112 received the first warning of fire at 18.25 hours in the form of about thirty calls by the residents of Las Norias who warned of a fire at the Demaplastic plastics recycling plant.