The article here on the El Ejido town hall website has details of a proposal from the mayor. It is to support Almería's bid to be the Spanish capital of gastronomy for 2019.

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El Ejido adds its support to the candidacy of Almeria as Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2019

The local government will take to the Plenary next Monday, a proposal from the mayor, Francisco Góngora, for this initiative to be supported by the rest of the political groups with municipal representation

The City Council values ​​the possibility of achieving this designation as a great step in the positioning not only of the city but also of the entire province as a gastronomic tourist destination

Francisco Góngora believes that "Serle finally granted, would be a major boost to agrotourism promotion strategy that has been done for some time in our municipality with which we value the high quality of our production"

El Ejido has decided to add its support to the candidacy of Almeria as Spanish Capital of Gastronomy (CEG) since the local government considers that it is a very important designation that, if achieved, would mean advancing the positioning not only of the city but of the whole province in general as a gastronomic tourist destination.

Thus, the local government will lead the plenary next Monday a proposal by the mayor, Francisco Gongora, to be backed by other political groups with municipal representation with the firm intention that a joint support. El regidor ejidense remarked that "there is no doubt that obtaining this badge is one more incentive for the thousands of people who visit us every year, and that both in Almeria and in the rest of the towns of the province there is a great gastronomic potential linked to the sea and, of course, to agriculture ".

In addition, the local manager believes that "this involves the involvement of important sectors related to the hospitality, catering or travel agencies, among others, thus reporting significant economic benefits." Moreover, the ejidense councilman has shown his conviction that "designations like this represent an important reinforcement that completes all the work that, in the case of El Ejido, we have been carrying out over the past seven years, creating synergies between the promotion of the gastronomic offer as a complementary tourist product, also linking it to agriculture ". All this joins "our excellent beaches, our natural sites of great environmental value or the rich cultural and historical heritage that we have".

For Góngora, "the high quality of our fruits and vegetables, which are obtained through careful production processes in our greenhouses, is unquestionable." Chemicals are not used and, on the contrary, they are obtained through the application of integrated control methods They make them very healthy, nutritious and with great culinary value, while ensuring the sustainability of the environment. "

In this vein, he also recalled that "there have been many great chefs who have praised on numerous occasions, their value not only because of the enormous organoleptic properties that count but also for the great benefits that accrue to organism to be rich in very beneficial nutrients and prevent diseases such as cancer or cardiovascular-type conditions.

Finally, remember that one of the important dates on this path towards obtaining this title will be October 1, which will be when the deadline for the admission of candidates ends. Finally it will be October 17 when the name is known the name of the winning city. The recent creditors of the capital have been Toledo, Huelva and currently, it is Leon.