The article here on La Voz de Almería has details of a political dispute about the running of recently built marinas in Andalucía, including Almerimar.

The article states that the concession for the marina in Almerimar will last until 2025 (typo in the Spanish version says 2005).

There was a dispute about whether the 50 year concession (to run?) the marina should be terminated early or not.

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Victoria in Seville for Almerimar, Aguadulce and San José

Parliament approves that the 50-year concessions of the three marinas are respected

The future of the marinas of Almerimar, Aguadulce and San José was played yesterday more than 400 kilometers from its waters: in San Juan de Ribera street in Seville, where the Andalusian parliamentarians debated arduously on a bill to maintain or not the concession periods granted at the beginning of the exploitation.

A total of 17 Andalusian ports - which were affected by a possible early redemption of the concessions this year under an interpretation of the 1988 Coastal Law Board itself - can now breathe a sigh of relief. The association that groups these docks, Marinas del Mediterráneo, had asserted that the early redemption of the concessions could endanger 565 companies and almost 3,000 jobs in the nautical and hospitality sector.

Almerimar, Aguadulce and San José had the latent risk of seeing their concessions concluded this month, with the law of the legal and economic regime of the ports of Andalusia, of the year 2007, which fixes the concession period in 30 years, since 1988 (entry in force of the Coastal Law) to 2018, without taking into account the concession period previously granted by the State.

Marinas such as Garrucha, the two Villaricos, Adra and Roquetas, however, were not affected by this regulation to be of direct management. Neither the one of Almeria capital, that counts on a sport port managed by the Club of Sea, that has social nature and that depends on Ports of the State.

The proposal of Law for the reform of the autonomic norm left yesterday ahead with the favorable vote of PSOE, PP and Citizens and the vote against IU and We can. The latter understand that the proposal has no legal consistency and is affected by signs of unconstitutionality.

To understand this juridical gibberish, it is necessary to go back to the 60's when Puerto Banús was built, the first Andalusian marina for a period of 95 years, which now depends on the Junta.

In the case of Almerian ports, Almerimar is the dean, built in 1975 for 50 years of concession, which ends in 2005. After that the Aguadulce was built in 1979, also granted for 50 years, whose term ends in 209. The San José, not attached to the Association, was built in 1981 and will end its concession period in 2031.

Another of the pending subjects in the disagreements between the Junta and the Andalusian marinas is the payment of the annual canon of the concessions after a rise of 2,700 percent.