I just spotted the article here on the Voz de Almería site. It says that the opposition party in the El Ejido/Almerimar council is pushing the idea of having a more permanent outdoor stage/theatre venue in Almerimar.

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They ask for more scenic spaces in Almerimar

PSOE claims the PP firm commitment to investments related to cultural tourism

The summer season arrives and the coastal nucleus of Almerimar faces a new summer without adding infrastructures and facilities that cover the needs and cultural demands of a population that grows exponentially during the months of July and August.

Given this circumstance the Socialist Party of El Ejido has transferred to the Popular Party Government Team the need to adapt the Almerimar area with new scenic spaces as part of the commitment to cultural tourism that, in its opinion, should be carried out in the municipality, beyond the activities that take place at street level.

In this line, the socialist spokesman in the Local Board of Almerimar, Alberto Castillo, has claimed that an outdoor venue should be installed for concerts or other activities related to the associative fabric of the nucleus "like those in other coastal areas, in where open auditoriums have been integrated in the promenades and squares by means of works of scarce complexity and small budget, through the installation of stands, a small stage or public services ".


For the PSOE, the municipal government team must gradually equip Almerimar with this type of facilities in line with the growing population of this nucleus not only in summer with the arrival of tourists but also throughout the year. "We must continue with the activities that are already being done, such as the theater, the cinema and other acts that take place on the street, but the commitment to Almerimar must be much more ambitious. You can not continue to improvise on the basis of wooden platforms and shading cloths, Almerimar deserves to have adequate scenic spaces, "Castillo added.

However, Juan Alberto Castillo, explained that "given the bad experience of other municipalities with mass tourism, El Ejido still has the opportunity to promote quality tourism, and in this sense, betting on cultural tourism is a piece key in achieving this end. " And is that from the PSOE recall that an added advantage is that these spaces could be used by associations or schools for their activities in the spring.