Opposite El Tunel on Darsena 1

Earlier today I was out and about in the area of the 3 Darsenas. The photo above is work taking place on Darsena 1 not far from the El Tunel bar/restaurant. It looks like the walls of all the apartments are being repaired and painted.

Read More to see some more photos of changes taking place around the marina.

Boat offering day trips

Boat offering day trips

In the corner of Darsena 1 I spotted signs for boat trips on a boat parked in the corner of the Darsena.

Next stop was some building work taking place in Porto Fino.

Porto Fino building work

Porto Fino building work

Porto Fino building work

This work is taking place on the corner of Porto Fino behind Darsena 1. Just along from the entrance to the town hall office. It looks like a major piece of work as it spans a number of locals on the corner. Also they are putting in some stairs to a mezzanine floor.

Next stop was the building on the corner near the vets (over the road from the back of Mercadona).

Building behind back of Mercadona

 As you can see, not much seems to have changed on this site.

Next photos are from the left side of Darsena 2.

Jamoneria - Darsena 2

 As you can see work is continuing on the jamoneria at the end of Darsena 2.

Beauty parlour - Darsena 2

 Further round Darsena 2 a new beauty parlour has opened.

New dentist surgery

New dentist surgery

On the road at the backs of Darsenas 2 & 3 the new dentist surgery is now open.

Over the road from the dentist it looks like a shop is being refurbished.

Shop refurbishmenrt

 As yet it is not clear what type of shop it will be.

Andaluz II - where La Solea used to be

Some new people have taken over the restaurant where La Solea used to be (right at the end of the join between Darsenas 2 & 3). I spoke to the people in there and they said that they are opening 7 days a week at the moment. Looks like it is called Sabor Andaluz II. I am guessing this is a partner restaurant of one in El Ejido with a similar name.

El Bucanero

El Bucanero

My last stop was the newly reopened El Bucanero on Darsena 3. You can see their opening hours for this month in the photo above.