The article here on the town hall website has details of the work to take place this year to try to reduce the numbers of mossies.

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The Government Board approves the contracting of the service that prevents the proliferation and development of mosquitoes in the coastal zone

The City Council will allocate 125,000 euros, 150% more than in other years, to the works of prevention and treatment of this pest to prevent its spread during the summer months

It has also given green light to several licenses to improve greenhouses, the project of the fair in honor of San Marcos and the corresponding to the activities planned for the International Day of the Book
The City Council of El Ejido has hosted, as every Thursday, its usual session of the Governing Board in which they have debated and given approval to a total of 20 points related to the different areas of municipal management. Among them, it is worth mentioning the approval of new licenses for the total or partial rehabilitation of agricultural infrastructure, the fair project in honor of San Marcos, as well as the activities planned within the celebration of International Book Day.

But, undoubtedly, one of the most outstanding issues of the day has been the approval of the contracting of the services and works necessary to carry out the integrated program of control and monitoring of mosquitoes and flies both in the Almerimar area and in its surroundings. In this way, the company that will carry out the works of prevention and development of the plague will be Athisa.

It should be noted that the local government will allocate 125,000 euros, 150% more than in other years, to reinforce these tasks precisely to avoid the discomfort that these pests cause with the arrival of good weather. The spokesman of the local government, José Francisco Rivera, explained that "with this budget we intend to intensify the work of prevention and subsequent treatments in areas of greater vulnerability at the time of its spread as they may be in protected areas of Punta Entinas Sabinar, as well as in public gardens. " And the fact is that the presence of wetlands favored by the increase in rainfall increases the suitability of the habitat conditions of the pest.

In this way, the local government will strengthen the signaling tasks of existing and potential mosquito breeding foci, determine the culicide species that constitute pest populations and indicate the specific control tools for each habitat. A fact that occurs before the incidence that this plague had during the past year and that caused so many damages to nuclei such as Almerimar and San Agustín.

It should be remembered that the local administration, pending the award of the new contract, has already begun preventive work last December based on counting, monitoring and monitoring, as well as the elimination of larvae in order to slow the growth of the plague. For this, he has made special emphasis on hedges, trees, shrubs, certain areas such as roundabouts and ponds in those areas of the municipality that are more sensitive to the appearance of these.

Note that the Local Administration has been working intensively over the past six years to reduce, as far as possible, the incidence of these insects in coastal areas and for this, has been incorporating advanced management systems and programs that they contemplate from the placement of traps with food attractants, the larval control in the wetlands and the different fumigations that are being carried out, since the month of February, in those areas that tend to be more sensitive. The City Council has a study, which has been carried out by the municipal technicians and which gives a good account of the situation that currently presents the highest incidence points of this pest, as well as the different types of species that are given and the possible methodology to finish with them.

On the other hand, it should be remembered that in this task the neighborhood communities also play a fundamental role, since they must perform the appropriate treatments in their gardens and swimming pool areas in order to avoid the spread of mosquitoes. In the same way, it is very necessary that the autonomic government carry out the necessary treatments in the Paraje and Natural Reserve of Punta Entinas Sabinar to, in this way, avoid the proliferation of mosquitoes; since this is one of the main sources causing its spread.