The article here on the Ideal site says that 1.8m euros is to be spent improving the water and sewerage network in the Almerimar area.

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The Consistory will improve the supply network in Almerimar with 1.8 million

The project includes the renovation of the entire system and includes improvements in the collection and distribution of the sewerage system

The Local Government Board of the Municipality of El Ejido has given its approval to two projects related to the sewerage and supply network of the Ejido Beach and Almerimar area.

For this, the Consistory will allocate a part of more than 1.8 million euros. In this line, the mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Góngora, explained that "this is a highly relevant action that will solve the problems and problems that currently exist both in the water supply service and in the collection system and distribution of sewerage, providing this coastal area with renewed systems adapted to the needs of a nucleus that grows each year in population level and which registers, especially in summer, a rebound in the number of residents ».

On the other hand, the project has been drafted by the City Council and Aguas de El Ejido, a company that will carry out the work within its funds for the renovation of the supply and sanitation facilities. On this point Góngora said that "it is essential to improve the quality of service provided to neighbors and therefore a viable, efficient and immediate solution to the inconvenience that was causing the saturation and collapse of both networks, due to the passage of time, are obsolete, have significant deficiencies and are at the edge of their capacity ».

In this way, through these works is intended to solve, to a large extent, the problems of broken pipes, overflow of manholes and lack of pressure in the water supply. This project contemplates the action on the streets Pleamar, Mascaron, Camping and Salinas lane, with the substitution of the fecal drive between the EBAR Ejido Beach 1 and Almerimar 2.

For its part, the Renovation Project for the Supply Network of Ejido Beach, Almerimar and El Ejido will involve an amount of more than 1.5 million euros and will consist of the replacement of the entire supply network in polyethylene, as well as the rest of elements of the network deteriorated by the passage of time and of low quality.

On the other hand, the Local Government Board held last Friday also approved the artistic contract with the company Specialized Services in Artistic Distribution for the performance of Cantores de Híspalis, scheduled for March 16, in the Holy Week Concert 'Christ, Passion and Hope. ' Likewise, the contract was awarded for the supply of machinery and equipment rental for the repair of rural dirt roads, to which an expenditure of 285,000 euros will be allocated and the Roundabout Construction project was approved at the junction of Avenida el Treinta with Calle Casidor de El Ejido, as well as the 'approval' for the municipal contribution for the works 'Urbanizations in Santo Domingo and Santa María del Águila'.