I picked up this article off Facebook. There are plans to built a facility in the El Ejido area to generate electricity from greenhouse leftovers.

You can see the information here on the Diario de Almería site.

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A plant will generate electricity with biomass from plant remains

It will be built by the company Ence, whose project is in the period of authorizations

The company Ence Energía SLU has planned the implementation of a 50 megawatt electric power generation plant in El Ejido that aims to use agricultural biomass from agricultural waste generated in the greenhouses of the area as a fuel, where the greatest contribution is made. in mass terms of Andalusia, with 207,132 tons of this type per year, that is, 49.3 percent of the province and 4.5 percent of the region's total.

This is confirmed in the environmental impact study of the project, which is going through its period of public exposure through the Territorial Delegation of the Environment and Territorial Planning of Almeria, in order to achieve the mandatory integrated environmental authorization (AAI) with which to be able to advance in your paperwork

This location, in the opinion of the entity, manages to "combine the environmental, energy and economic benefits in a single action, in line with the Andalusian energy policy, which includes among its principles the prioritization of the use of available sustainable indigenous resources and the placing of to the sectors of renewable energies as engines of the economy ".

The new biomass plant would consist of a biomass boiler, a condensation steam turbine with an electric power of 49.9 megawatts and its corresponding equipment and auxiliary facilities. Thus, the agricultural biomass to be used will arrive at the facilities clean and ready for use and will be stored in two silos, while natural gas will be used as auxiliary energy source thanks to the available pipes.

Likewise, the plant will be nourished for the operation of the water that is supplied from the water pipeline that the Community of Irrigators Land of Almeria, which has in the vicinity of the plot, with a flow of 85,200 cubic meters per year.

According to the initial calculations, the plant has been designed for a continuous operation of seven days a week throughout the year, although in the usual practice a period of approximately one month is reserved for the maintenance tasks of the facilities. Thus, the maximum annual operation of the plant is estimated at around 8,000 hours, although the limitation for biomass plants of the current remuneration model of the electricity sector is lower than this value.

The company Ence is defined as the first company in Spain in renewable energy production with forestry and agricultural biomass. The company currently has more than 294 megawatts of power installed in renewable energy from biomass, with which its annual electricity production rises to more than 1,400 GWh. The projection of a biomass plant in El Ejido is developed within the framework of the Energy Strategy of Andalusia 2020, which promotes the use of energy from a renewable resource such as this.