Almerimar - A Place In The Sun - Jan 18

I have been keeping an eye on the Channel 4 schedule. Yesterday I spotted the listing above for Thursday January 4th 2018 (click on the image to see a more readable version).

I am not certain but I think this is the episode that includes Almerimar. The reasons for this are:

- I know that this is the last episode presented by Jonnie Irwin in the current series (Jonnie was the presenter for the episode that included Almerimar);

- The couple involved in the episode featuring Almerimar ran a business in south London;

- I remember that the lady taking part had an unusual first name and George is pretty unusual; (UPDATED - I now know it is short for Georgia)

- The description above mentions a place called Marina Almería which I think does not exist. However it also mentions marina or sea views which fits in with places I know they filmed (including Almerimar & Roquetas de Mar).

At the moment I am trying to confirm for certain that this is the episode featuring Almerimar. If I find out for certain I will publish an update here.