New hairdresser - 2 November 2017

Following on from the wander around Darsena 1 and 2 a short while ago. Today I had a stroll around Darsena 2 and 3. I started with the new hairdressers on Darsena 2. Work is now well underway as you will see in the next photo below.

Read More for more details and photos of my wander round town.

 Darsena 2 - new hairdressers

Here is a photo of the inside of the new hairdressers.


I then cut through from Darsena 2 towards Darsena 3. On the way I took a picture of the terrace of the Chingon Mexican restaurant. We had a very nice meal there not too long ago.

Darsena 3 - fruit and ice-cream shop

 I wandered round the side or Darsena 3 close to the square and there was not much that appeared to have changed. So I then made my way to the far side of Darsena 3. To my surprise I found that the fruit and ice-cream shop close to the Cajamar bank was still open. It has been there for a while now.

El Bucanero

Very close byto the fruit shop El Bucanero was looking neat and tidy. After the work that was being done a while ago.

El Bucanero - menu del día

 As you can see the Bucanero has a 10 euro menu del día lunch.



As mentioned earlier today, here are a couple of photos of the back of the Asador restaurant that was expanded around 18 months ago.


Close to the front of the Asador it looks like a block of apartments is getting a lift installed.

Bread and cake shop in the square

7.50 euro menu del día

After that I had to pop over the "the square" to meet Jacqui. I went past the bread and cake shop. It now appears that it is doing a 7.50 euro menu del día. Perhaps to take away?

Newly extended La Plaza

 Newly extended La Plaza

I took these photos on the way to see Jacqui in Alcor Properties. Photos of the newly extended La Plaza that she told me about this morning.

new butchers

The final photo is of what is to become a new butchers shop over the road from La Gaviota. I know that the butchers behind the square closed. So perhaps this might be where they have moved to.

I have heard that the other butchers near the car park at the back of El Espigon is supposed to be good. However I have not bought anything from there yet. I didn´t use the one behind the square that closed as they did not display any price lists.