I have been a bit busy in the last few days so have only just got around to looking for any local news on various Spanish websites.

I have just spotted the article here on the Ideal site from last Saturday.

According to the article around 178,000 euros is to be spent improving the 409 and 411 motorway junctions. The 409 junction is the Almerimar one. The 411 is the next junction, approximately 2km towards Almería.

The article says that the work will take place in 2019. With the tendering process starting now.

I am pretty sure that most people who come to Spain quite a bit know that junction numbers are generally based on km markings on the motorways. Sometimes with big jumps in the number as you cross the boundary from one province to another.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.


El Ejido celebrates the tender to draft the project of links 409 and 411 of the A-7

Fomento publishes the announcement, with 178,000 euros of budget and a term of execution of 10 months, of a works that will have 4.45 million euros of global investment

The local government of El Ejido yesterday showed its satisfaction after the publication by the Ministry of Development of the announcement of the tender, for the service contract for the drafting of the construction project Improvement of links 409 and 411 of the A-7 motorway , of the Mediterranean, for a budget of 178,000 euros and a term of execution of 10 months for a works that will have an overall investment of 4,45 million euros. In this sense, the mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Góngora, stressed the importance of this action that "will decongest traffic in these two conflicting points, increase security in both enclaves and reform the connection of the A-7 with other roads that give access to the municipality, improving our communications by the entrances to the COPO Shopping Center - Hospital de Poniente and the nucleus of Santa María del Águila ».

The project includes the link 409 will increase and transform the platforms of the roundabouts, to expand the bridge on the highway, with the construction of another structure parallel to the existing one, which can accommodate two lanes in each direction, bike lane and steel for pedestrians. In addition, the density of the highway's exit traffic will be alleviated with the widening of the deceleration branches. Regarding the 411 link, the action will go through the construction of two roundabouts and the reordering of existing intersections.

Góngora reiterated his satisfaction because "this project responds to the demand in which we have been working for years with the Government of the Nation since, once executed, it will manage to alleviate the volume of traffic that is recorded in these points that they are of vital importance for the development and expansion of the entire business and tourism sector in El Ejido ».

The intervention in the A-7 will eliminate, in addition, clarified from the Consistory, danger points in these areas, since the current layout does not allow to absorb the number of vehicles that want to enter and leave El Ejido through these links , which causes retentions, especially at peak times, and in the summer months since the number of vehicles multiplies due to the increase in tourists and residents.

The offers may be submitted until December 20 and the opening of economic offers will take place in February 2018, so by the end of next year will be ready the draft of the project and the works will start in 2019.

Precisely at the beginning of this year, the municipal group of Izquierda Unida starred in a story in the pages of this newspaper in which he highlighted the need to respond and solve the abuses that were caused in points of the municipality as is the case the gazebo by the entrance of COPO. A demand that has also been made by virtually all the groups of the Corporation.