The article here on Almerimar Hoy says that the use of recycled water on the Almerimar and Valle del Este golf courses has now been approved. The water can also be used to water plants and grass in the area. Plus it can be used for cleaning the streets.

I have to admit that I thought this was happening already.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.


Authorized the use of purified water for green areas, street washing and golf course

The irrigation of the golf courses with reused water responds to the provisions of the Decree of the Junta de Andalucía 43/2008, of February 12

The Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning has authorized the Consortium for the Management of the Integral Cycle of Urban Water in the Poniente Almeriense, integrated in the Central Board of Users of the Aquifer of Poniente Almeria, the reuse of 863,249 cubic meters per year (25,02 hectares), gardens of different urbanizations in the area of ​​Almerimar (136,09 ha) and El Ejido Beach (132,80 ha) and the Field of El Ejido for the irrigation of urban green spaces (25,02 hectares) of Golf Almerimar (80,81 ha).

Of the total figure, 500,000 cubic meters will be used to irrigate the golf course and the rest to irrigate urban green areas, replacing the water resources of underground origin currently being used.

This authorization is included in the implementation, together with the aforementioned central users' meeting, of the Resolution of July 25, 2017 on the management of the aquifer of Camp de Dalías-Sierra de Gágor and the approval of a program of recovery measures of the aquifer. Thus, these waters will be designed to reduce the overexploitation of the groundwater body and in no case increase the appropriations of urban or recreational demand.

Regenerated water must comply with the quality criteria established by Royal Decree 1620/2007 of 7 December, which establishes the legal regime for the reuse of purified water. In addition, the holder of the authorization will have the obligation to maintain its facilities and develop a program of self-control of the quality of the regenerated waters, according to the current regulations.


In the case of Vera, the water will be used for irrigation of 25.2 hectares of urban green areas and for the use of street washing, as well as for irrigation of 45 hectares of the golf course of Valle del Este Golf Resort, being the maximum annual volume requested for this recreational use of 229,957 cubic meters per year.

The irrigation of the golf courses with reused water responds to the provisions of the Decree of the Junta de Andalucía 43/2008, of February 12, regulator of the conditions of implantation and operation of golf courses in Andalusia (modified by the Decree 309/2010), which provides for the requirement that all such facilities, except in exceptional cases, reuse regenerated wastewater to cover their irrigation needs.