For a while now Calle Alcotán has been closed. This is the road on the opposite side of the roundabout for the entrance to Darsena 3.The one that loops round to link up with the road past the Flamingo houses urbanisation.

In the last day or so the work has extended on to the road between the towers and the El Espigon car park. So anyone driving down Calle Alcor in the last day or so has to go all the way down past Altas Entinas then down to Spirit Mar and turn back towards town. Hopefully this road will reopen again soon.

The article here on the town hall website has some details of the work taking place on Calle Alcotán.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.


Alcotán street in Almerimar undergoes a comprehensive transformation that will renew its image and provide it with new and better services

The City Council has been working since the beginning of October on this important project that contemplates the complete redevelopment of this route, thus responding to a historical neighborhood claim

The works, contemplated within the 2016-19 Provincial Plans, are consisting of paving the road and the street, provision of parking, sewerage and rainwater system, irrigation network and fiber optic and gas canalization, among many other actions

The mayor of El Ejido today checked the progress of the works and said that "it is a project of great relevance that will allow to change the physiognomy of the area, modernizing it completely and facilitating the circulation to neighbors and bystanders"

The City of El Ejido continues immersed in the development of the City's Regeneration and Pavement Plan, which, as is well known, will change the appearance of many streets, avenues and walks; endowing them with better and more public infrastructures in order to set up a road network of quality and that meets all the requirements to be able to circulate, either on foot or in vehicle, in the maximum security conditions and in a simple and agile way.

So, this time, it has been the turn to Alcotán street in Almerimar that is undergoing a comprehensive transformation that will completely renew its image and provide better services. In this way, the council for Public Works, Maintenance and Services began more than three weeks ago with the work of redeveloping this important roadway with the aim of introducing important changes that make it more accessible, orderly and according to the needs of the people who walk through it every day.

The mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Góngora, together with the mayor of Public Works, Maintenance and Services, José Andrés Cano; the president of the Local Board of Almerimar, Inocencio Gabriel Manzano, and municipal technicians has traveled to her to verify personally the good progress of the works, which are expected to be concluded during the month of November. The ejidense alderman has referred to these works as "a project of great relevance that will allow to change, in great way, the physiognomy of the zone, modernizing it completely and thus responding to a historical neighborhood claim."

The Alcotán street is basically consisting of renovation of the pavement of the road and sidewalk, which has also been expanded, the provision of sewerage system and supply, more modern and efficient street lighting, an adequate network rainwater and irrigation for gardening; besides enabling parking area. To all this, we must also join the works that will be carried out to adapt the area to the new advances in telecommunications such as the channeling system for fiber optics and network for the use of natural gas.

As Góngora has pointed out, "it is vital for us to respond to the needs of our citizens, seeking, among other things, to provide the whole municipality with means, facilities and public infrastructure in accordance with our growth, our characteristics and needs and, therefore, the type of city in which we have become. " In this same line, he referred to the importance of Almerimar as a tourist nucleus par excellence, "is why it is essential to act in it to also offer good services and suitable conditions at all levels for both residents and those who visit us throughout the year ".

It should be noted that the work that is being carried out on Alcotán Street is contemplated within the 'Calle Alcotán and other Urbanization Project', included in the Provincial Plans for the triennium 2016-19 and that has yielded an investment of close to 500,000 euros; 75% from the municipal coffers and the remaining 25% from the Diputación de Almería. Other paving improvements made under this budget have been in the streets of Ejido Norte, Ejido Sur, San Agustín and Almerimar; concretely in the streets Castala, Kings Católicos, Venezuela and Gamma, Alley of the Place of the Colonization (San Agustín); Alley San Isidro / Mira Maeso; Avenida de América (Santo Domingo).