Darsena 1 Abacería restaurant

I had a spare half hour or so this morning so I went for a wander around Darsena 1 and Darsena 2 to see what changes I could spot. The first thing I spotted was a restaurant next door to Pizza Guzzi.

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Darsena 1 new restaurant menu

This is one of the menu boards for the Abacería restaurant.

Yoga place

On the other side from the restaurant they is a yoga place, just along from El Tunel.

Ka La Rosa

At the bottom corner of Darsena 1 there is a restaurant that has replaced what I think was an Italian restaurant. I think this happened some time ago.


Further up, just past Stumble Inn there is a new shop called Baobab.


A little further up there is a physio place.

Behind Mercadona

Around the back of Mercadona, next to the vets, work seems to have slowed down on the big new place. It was very similar last time I took a picture of it.

Closed Chinese shop

As you can see, the Chinese shop behind Mercadona has closed. Probably due to the bigger Chinese shop that has opened over the road from the pyramid.

Darsena 2 new hairdresser

Round the bottom of Darsena 2 work continues on the new hairdressers.

Dentist to relocate

Behind the old Yachting/Golf restaurant work continues on the place where the dentist is going to relocate to.

Dentist to relocate

This is the view of the new dentist from the Yachting/Golf side.

New cake shop

Finally, a new cake shop has opened behind "the square". Not far from Milenio.

At that point the boss phoned to say it was time to go home. So I did not get a chance to take any pictures of Darsena 3. I will do that another day.