I spotted the article here from La Voz de Almería on Friday. However I have been a bit busy and have only just got around to writing about it.

It looks like the building of a new school in Almerimar has been given the go ahead by the Junta de Andalucía.

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The Board will invest almost 4 million euros for the construction of the school of Almerimar

PSOE of El Ejido emphasizes the commitment of these budgets with the municipality

Good news for the coastal town of Almerimar after the announcement by the Junta de Andalucía of the inclusion of the project to build a new school for this area. In this way a definitive solution is given to the lack of places that the only existing school center has presented so far.
For this reason, the Board was obliged, each course, to transfer children who live throughout the year there to schools in other nuclei of El Ejido nearby as is the case of Matagorda or Santo Domingo.
This fact would have caused a malaise between the parents of the affected students who have protested, through manifestations and complaints to the autonomic administration, an exit.
Well, the solution has arrived these days. And is that the Junta de Andalucía has announced that it will include in the next budgets a game for the construction of a new school for the Almerimar area. The amount of this project will amount to 3,738,802 euros and this way will respond to an important educational demand.

The general secretary of the ejidenses socialists, Tomás Elorrieta has shown his satisfaction because it assures that the Ejido is receiving a great endowment in Education that will come to solve one of the many problems that in this matter presents / displays the municipality of the Ejido.
However, it must be remembered that thanks to the joint work carried out by the Town Hall, Socialist Party, affected parents and, of course, La Junta has been able to launch this new center.
In this sense, it should be noted that the population increase in Almerimar in the last decade has been much higher than expected, for this reason, although the current school was not built many years ago, this coastal area of ​​El Ejido has been dragging this situation of lack of places for students for a long time.
Elorrieta said that "we are sure that, through games that do not yet have a name and surnames, as has happened in the past, there will be concrete actions in El Ejido that will allow us to correct the deficiencies of our infrastructures and improve them. "

For Elorrieta the commitment of the Andalusian administration for education in El Ejido should not remain there, so "we continue to work to ask the Board more infrastructures, as is the case of a new school for Ejido Sur, it is necessary to make extensions and arrangements that come to give answer to the important demand that presents our society ".