The article here on the Ideal website has details about the work underway to complete the storm drains in Almerimar.

My understanding is that the regional government (Junta de Andalucía) is responsible for work in the final 100 metres close to the sea. The completion of the work on the storm drains was delayed somewhat. The rest of the work in town has been completed already by the local town hall council.

At least we will now have some better drains in the centre of town to deal with any heavy downpours this coming winter.

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It starts the provision of rainfall in the Batea and calle Faro of the core of Almerimar

For a couple of weeks, the Ejidense City Council through the Public Works area works in the provision of the rainwater network in the basin of the Batea and Faro street of the coastal core of Almerimar.

An action that intends to solve, definitively, the floods produced in some areas of Almerimar. In this regard, the mayor of ejidense, Francisco Góngora, along with councilman of Public Works, Maintenance and Services, José Andrés Cano, as well as municipal technicians, visited the works that will conclude when the installation of a pipe of more than 100 meters, which will allow the operation of the entire network.

As clarified the councilman ejidense, "this is an important infrastructure that will come to offer a solution to the accumulations of water that were produced in this public space, so many times claimed by neighbors because of the many inconveniences that the floods generated both traffic rolled as if on foot '.

According to Góngora, "the Consistory already executed a temporary branch to give way to the network through the basin, but this was incomplete to be able to evacuate all the rain that was concentrated in this route." A final obstacle that with this work will be solved.