The article here on the town hall website has information about a document about pets and other animals in the area.

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Approved the Regulating Ordinance of Animal Keeping that watches over the care of animals and a cleaner city

The Plenary gives the definitive 'ok' to an important document that contemplates the most important aspects that affect the companion animals, as well as guarantee the good coexistence between the people and this group

The local government has analyzed a total of 28 allegations, taking into account those that have been more enriching and that conform to the current legislation

This document regulates the possession of potentially dangerous animals, broadens the catalog of minor infractions and establishes a DNA Bank that allows locating the owners to leave the feces of their dogs in the public road, as well as to fight against the mistreatment and the animal compost

In addition, the banning of circuses with animals and attractions with ponies has been introduced whenever animal maltreatment can exist and it includes the municipal will to regulate the control of colonies of street cats through the procedure of Capture, Sterilization and Release (CES)

The mayor responsible for this area has insisted that "the Ordinance is mainly focused on improving the hygiene and sanitary conditions of our streets and on the protection of pets"
The Plenum of the City of El Ejido has approved, definitively, the modification of the Ordinance Regulating the Holding of Animals with which the local government seeks to regulate in a single document the main aspects and issues affecting pets in the town. These have to do with their protection, well-being and good treatment, as well as responsible tenure, hygiene, public health or safety. That is why the text responds to the political line that the City Council has been developing for some years and which aims to lay the ethical basis to eradicate certain behaviors that are unpublicized and improper of a city today like ours.

After a total of 28 allegations, presented by some opposition groups and by the SOS Animals Association, of which one-third have been estimated in their entirety and many more in part, have finally been introduced into this amendment those that are adapted to the legislation and those that have been considered more enriching. In this way, the result has been the configuration of an "important management tool that comes to influence the obligations that have to have pets in our home, while improving the coexistence between human beings and the animal collective", thus said the councilor responsible for Tourism, Trade, Health and Consumer Affairs, Luisa Barranco, during the plenary session today.

The mayor wanted to thank the opposition groups in the first place for the contributions made to this document, since "we have studied them all and contemplated in this modification those that have seemed most enriching to us in order to influence the aspects that defend this Ordinance. " And it is that "every time, the society is more sensitized when taking into account that the animals must be treated with consideration that prevents the abuse or cruelty. Therefore, this text was also essential to advance in questions as relevant as the regulation of the use of public spaces for the recreation and recreation of pets, specifically the Canine Parks, in addition to adapting it to the new Administrative Procedure Law. "

Incidir, likewise, that through this will be exercised greater control over owners who do not collect the excrement of their dogs in order to improve the sanitary conditions of our public roads, raising awareness about the need to develop civic behavior . Moreover, in this same line, the local government envisages the creation of a DNA Bank that will speed up the identification of owners who leave the deposition of their animals on the public highway. A fact that often causes serious discomfort to neighbors, as well as posing a risk to public health. And, as the local official has pointed out, "it means that the cleaning company has an annual expenditure of more than € 148,000 per year."

In the municipality, there are more than 17,000 dogs registered and that, therefore, it was of vital importance to adapt the text of the Ordinance to the current needs and demands. Barranco also remarked "the priority that exists to create a census with the genetic profile of the dogs, in order to follow the trail of layers and stolen or abandoned dogs to which the owners have been able to remove the microchip that identifies them." In this way, the mayor has insisted that this is another way to ensure, also, that all persons with pets under their care assume the obligations and powers that entails; that is to say, that their animals have the appropriate vaccination card and that it remains up-to-date, so that they are well cared for and cared for, as well as having an identifying microchip and a genetic fingerprint for their prompt location, should it be necessary ".

The Ordinance also includes the prohibition of circuses with animals and attractions with ponies, provided that it can be an animal abuse or that undermine their welfare, in this way will not be granted a license for installation on municipal land. To all this must also be added, as Barranco has remarked, "the willingness of this Administration that the control of the population of stray cats is based on the method of Capture, Sterilization and Release (CES). Moreover, in this way and in collaboration with groups and voluntary bodies, it is intended to regulate the authorization of feral cat colonies consisting of the controlled grouping of these, properly sterilized, with the aim of ensuring their well-being so that they receive attention, vigilance sanitation and food ".

Finally, Barranco concluded his statement stating that "the predisposition that exists on the part of the City, always open to dialogue and the maximum consensus possible when approving the amendment of this Ordinance." And it is that "all the allegations that contribute to enriching the text have been estimated, making it more participatory and with the conviction that, with an awareness and a special diligence on the part of all, it can be achieved."