The article here on the town hall website has details of policing in the summer in Almerimar.

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The increase of agents and the recovery of the patrol by bike increase the security in the coast and in the nocturnal zone of leisure

The large police device, coordinated with Civil Protection, allows to act in real time before any emergency and improves, therefore, the answers in time and form

This year as an important innovation, a Rescue Coordination post has been set up where the agents perform administrative tasks without having to travel to the headquarters, while attending to neighbors and visitors

The campaign on awareness of compliance with the Civic Ordinance being carried out by the Local Police among beach users is bearing fruit with a significant decrease in the number of sanctions

This year has also reduced the annoyance caused by noises in nightclubs, as well as the practice of the bottle in public places

The mayor stressed that "we continue to work to respond with maximum urgency to the requirements of the citizen, offering him permanent advice day and night in order to increase the effectiveness and capacity of the interventions"
The government of El Ejido continues to work intensively to provide more and better resources, both technical and human, to the ejidense coastline so that both residents and tourists enjoy the beaches during the summer period in their best conditions and with all the Security.

That is why, on this occasion, efforts have been redoubled incorporating important new features in the summer police device that have increased the quality in this service. In this way, the Beaches Plan 2017 includes improvements that are managing to reduce, in an important way, penalties for unconventional behaviors, as well as neighborhood complaints about noise in the leisure areas or the practice of the bottle in public places.

This is so that the information campaign that the Local Police has been doing for a couple of weeks between neighbors and bathers of the ejidense coast on the need for compliance with the Civic Ordinance is already paying off with a significant decrease in the Number of complaints lodged. Something similar is happening in the case of the complaints by sounds that surpass the decibels allowed from certain hours of the night. These have dropped compared to other years thanks in part to the effort made by the owners of the premises at night, aware of the need to avoid discomfort in the wee hours of the morning.

In this line, it is worth remembering the meeting that the Mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Góngora, together with the Director of Citizen Protection, Marco Muñoz, maintained with businessmen of the centers with the highest tourist influx precisely to raise awareness about the need to respect the hours of break.

Likewise, thanks to the work being done by the night patrol has been managed to dissipate the practice of the bottle in public places, especially facing the weekends. And it is that the controls and the surveillance have been intensified to avoid the consumption of alcohol in the public road, resulting in a decrease of this practice in the coastal localities.

Undoubtedly, some data that have been described by the first mayor of ejidense "very positive thanks to the outstanding innovations introduced this year in the service as the increase in the number of local police officers who, with the coordination of Civil Protection volunteers , Is gaining in efficiency.

In this way, and after a two-year parenthesis, it should be remembered that among these improvements has been resumed the police presence in bicycle, to which we must add the patrols in quads by the beach. All this comes to increase the vigilance and attention as much by the seafront as by the sand.

Another important incorporation has been the implementation of a Rescue Coordination post to avoid displacement of the agents to the Local Police Headquarters in El Ejido to carry out administrative tasks and, in this way, to ensure the constant presence of the police In the coastal areas, while attending to the neighbors and visitors in this physical space.

It has also been reinforced the night shift of the Local Police whose main tasks are monitoring the leisure areas of Almerimar and Balerma, the control of the bottle and the noises that are generated in nightlife establishments. It is, therefore, a service that is giving very good results in avoiding inconvenience to the residents of the areas near the pubs and pubs for fun.

"All these improvements and measures introduced in the Plan of Beaches this year come to offer a greater tranquility to the users of the beaches, so that our tourist centers become suitable places for the walk and the Enjoy summer activities ". The objective, as explained by the ejidense councilor, "is to reduce the response times to the requirements of the citizen, where they claim their presence, there is also a permanent advice from the Local Police before any event that is requested and There are improvements in the provision of the service that is offered to the citizen with the sole aim of increasing the effectiveness and capacity in the interventions.

In this way, the mayor has remarked "the important qualitative and quantitative leap that has taken place in the last four years in the provision of all beach services throughout the municipality, improving the management of them and ensuring the satisfaction of the Users ".