Almerimar beaches open 2017

The article here on the Ideal site has details of the beaches now being officially open. They are open until 13 September 2017.

Also, according to the article, it looks like the council are now going to put a longer term plan in place for the opening of the beaches for the following 4 summers. Rather than just rushing to complete a separate plan each year.

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The Consistory begins the 2017 Beach Plan and commits to overtake it next year

This year, there will be more night and beach security, while the coast will have 12 towers, 13 rescue modules, and 36 lifeguards, and the 'Q of Quality'

From yesterday and until next September, 13 rescue modules, 12 towers, 2 quads, 16 multiple toilet blocks, 8 changing rooms, 4 shaded areas at accessible points located in Levante, Poniente, San Miguel and Balerma, a jet ski, a boat, an ambulance and a nurse in the central point plus 36 lifeguards, which will guarantee the enjoyment of the 27 kilometers of coast with which the locality counts. Thus, and this time from the beach of Levante of Almerimar, the mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Góngora, presented the 2017 Beach Plan, together with its Councilor for Tourism, Luisa Barranco; The mayor of Public Works, José Andrés Cano; The director of Citizen Protection, Marco Muñoz, and the Director of Civil Protection, Luis Prieto, as well as local police officers, Civil Protection volunteers and first responders.

According to Góngora, "this year we gained in safety and accessibility, and we do it by increasing the number of amphibious chairs, one amphibious chair for each module and two in the adapted shaded area, placing a new adapted toilet, with the acquisition of new Material destined for the rescue, as in the case of four spinal boards and a new watercraft, which will make it possible to reduce the response times to an incident ". In terms of security, the mayor noted that there is an increase in the number of police officers connected with Civil Protection volunteers, and after two years of parentheses, "we resume the police presence on bicycle on the promenade to which there will be To add the patrols on quads in the beach area, "Góngora said.

Another important novelty is that, in order to avoid displacement to the Local Police Headquarters in El Ejido and thus guarantee the permanent presence of the police in the coastal areas, this year will be qualified in the position of Coordination of Rescue An area where the agents can perform the administrative tasks and even cater to the neighbors and visitors. And, as in previous summers, a reinforcement of the night shift of the Local Police, which, according to said "will have as main tasks the surveillance of the nightlife areas".

Complaints of the opposition

On the other hand, after recognizing that the opposition, in this case UPyD, "is right in part" as regards that the Beaches Plan should have been put in place earlier, also called this group "opportunist". However, as announced by the mayor of Ejidense, "from the City Council has requested the Beach Plan for a period of four years, so that it is possible to install concessions and facilities before June, and thus anticipate possible waves Of heat that, like that of this year, have filled the beaches of bathers before.