One of our readers has been in touch and provided me with a link to the document here from the town hall that describes the beach services for 2016.

According to this document, last year the beaches were open from 17 June to 4 September. With lifeguards on duty from 11am until 8:30pm every day. Plus various services including analysis of the quality of the water, cleaning the beach etc.

The issue we have to consider is the balance of how much it costs to provide these services against how many people are using the beach when the services are in place.

It is the same argument that occurs in virtually every urbanisation in Almerimar about the opening period for swimming pools. Why have a longer opening period when everyone has to pay more for when there are not many people using the service.

There really is no right answer to the situation. All that you can hope to do is find the best compromise that causes the least people to complain.

Read More for a Google translation of the list of services provided last year lifted from the first page of the document. I guess it will be similar this year.

Opening of the beach season: from June 17 To the 4 of September.
Timetable Surveillance, Rescue and First Aid: From 11:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Monday to Sunday
Toilets, showers, adapted toilets and showers, footbaths, Wooden walkways, chairs
Amphibians and litter bins all along the beach.
Bi-weekly analysis of water quality, its Wet and dry surface
Microbiological biweekly analysis of the surface Ie of showers and footbaths
Daily cleaning service, maintenance of installations and beach equipment
Selective waste collection service
Signaling of the state of the sea
Tourist and general information
Delimitation of the bathing area and beaconing To beach
Play, sports and games areas
User Complaints and Suggestions System
Public Parking and also for the disabled
Food and Beverage Establishments
Public bus service
Bicycle lane from the seafront promenade Beach of Poniente Almerimar and San Miguel
Sports and entertainment activities