Late last week a producer from the Channel 4 tv show A Place in the Sun got in touch with me. She told me that Almerimar is to feature in the latest series of the programme.

When she contacted me it was only her and the director that were over here in Spain. They were preparing for the arrival of the couple who were to be property hunting.

Yesterday morning I was filmed on the beach talking with the property hunters and the presenter of the show, Jonnie Irwin. I guess this will end up being a very short part of the show once the show has been edited.

I will not publish much about what was said so people can enjoy seeing the show when it appears on tv.

What I do know is that the property hunters had seen a property in Almerimar on Monday afternoon and were filming in Roquetas on Tuesday. When we finished filming at around 10:15 yesterday morning they were off to see their third property. They said that this was the third of five properties they were going to be showed. They had not been told where the properties are located.

For me being filmed was a very enjoyable experience. The property hunters, Jonnie Irwin, the film crew and their logistics person were all really friendly. I also got to understand a bit about how filming and sound recording takes place to enable the editor of the show to do their job well.

As yet, I do not know when this episode of the show is due to be on tv. Once I know more I will publish the information here.