The article here on the Ideal site has details of speeding fines on the motorways in the province of Almería.

Apparently there are 11 fixed cameras on motorways. Of the 11 cameras the one close to El Ejido gathers the most speeding fines.

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The radar of the A-7 in El Ejido is the most sanctioning of the province

It jumps an average of twelve times a day and accumulates six of every ten fines that are interposed in territory Almería by speeding

Speeding continues to be the most repeated offense among Almerian drivers after almost eleven years since the point license was introduced. In fact, one of every three complaints filed by the agents of the Traffic Association last year on the roads of the Almeria territory was due to this cause. Stepping on the throttle more than allowed is also present in three out of five accidents and behind most pedestrian abuses.

According to the data provided by the Provincial Traffic Headquarters, Almeria drivers have lost more than 99,000 points for this cause and have been sanctioned a total of 37,500 since the birth of the card by points, that is, since July 1, 2006 .

Only last year the Traffic Group of the Civil Guard, supported by the municipal police of the towns of Almeria, filed a total of 13,610 sanctions in Almeria territory for moving at a faster speed than allowed. Of these fines, a total of .929 penalties were filed by the Civil Guard through mobile devices and the rest, 7,681, came from one of the 11 fixed radars installed in the province.

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In this extensive list of sanctions there are radars that work more than others within the territory of Almeria. This is evidenced in the data provided by the Provincial Traffic Headquarters to this newspaper, which shows that the fixed radar of the Autovía del Mediterráneo (A-7), located at kilometer 404.5 of the municipality of The Ejido, is the one that more penalties by speeding registered of all fixed cinemómetros of the province of Almería last year.

Only last year, it prompted the issuance of 4,608 traffic tickets. It jumps 12 times a day on average, in other words, which means that it accumulates six of every ten sanctions counted by the fixed and mobile devices that are located in Almerian territory.

This data again put this radar as the most sanctioning, since during 2015 lost the first position to the detriment of the mobile device installed on a dangerous section of the A-334 road, linking the town of Baza in Granada with Huércal- Overa. This radar filed a total of 1,123 sanctions during that year, far from the fines that accumulated the fixed device installed in El Ejido. However, this is the second most sanctioning device to accumulate 21% of complaints.

It is worth remembering that at the beginning of 2015 the DGT lowered the limit of denunciation of all its network of fixed radars and also of the mobiles of the Civil Guard. The discount of seven is applied to both. If the speed limit is less than 100 km / h, 7 km / h is subtracted. If it is higher than 100 km / h, 7% is discounted.