Further to the article yesterday about blue flag beaches. You can download a press release from the El Ejido council here on their site.

In the press release the councillor responsible for tourism, Luisa Barranco, says that the loss of the blue flags for Almerimar was due to administrative delays caused by the Junta de Andalucía.

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Barranco clarifies that the lack of diligence of the Junta is the only cause for which the blue flags have been lost

The autonomous government is responsible for the resolution of the files of the respective Beach Plans of all Andalusian municipalities and, therefore, the authorization for the installation of seasonal services on the coast

The delay of the Delegation of the Environment, that did not pronounce until near the end of the season, caused that two of the concessions did not obtain the pertinent authorization and as a consequence that the quality badges will not be renewed

The mayor of Tourism, who has sent a message of tranquility to the sector, residents and tourists, has ensured that the equipment, services and water quality on the beaches of Poniente and Levante, continue to meet the highest quality standards

He calls this situation "unjust, since El Ejido does not deserve to endanger its second economic pillar, source of wealth, for the lack of socialist foresight"

Ask the PSOE to "be well informed before speaking, make it much more constructive and recognize that this local government has achieved the highest number of blue flags and Q of tourist quality in the history of the municipality"

The Councilor for Tourism, Luisa Barranco, has appeared today before the media to explain publicly the real reasons why two blue flags of the Levante and Poniente beaches of Almerimar have been withdrawn to the ejidense coast. A fact that, as it has remarked, is due "solely and exclusively to the lack of diligence and speed of the Junta de Andalucía when it comes to granting concessions for beach season services."
A situation that "has nothing to do either with a lack of infrastructure, or with environmental problems or water quality, but a clear delay of the autonomous government when it comes to processing the corresponding authorizations for the installation of all summer equipment both Municipal and private and did not arrive until mid-August, "said the municipal official.

That is why the mayor considers that "it would have been logical that, once the City Council requested on February 16 in time and form said authorizations, the Board had pronounced before June 17, when it was set in motion The season of beaches ". The mayor has qualified that "before the enormous delay of the Andalusian administration and seeing that the time was thrown to us, we had no choice but to choose to risk to install the services of beaches, even knowing that we could lose some flag, such And as has finally happened. " And, as he points out, "before the beginning of the summer season, it was more than necessary to start up all these services since many jobs were at stake, as well as the welfare and safety of bathers."

It was a decision that was not easy for the team of the government team that was aware that "facing a coast without services throughout the summer, losing any of these distinctions on our beaches would be the lesser evil," said Barranco, who Has stressed that "we could not fail the sector, or that faithful tourism leaving the urban coast without bars or hammocks, security or without sanitary modules, toilets because the Junta de Andalucía does not have the staff forecast necessary to be able to process In time the concessions of the province ". Moreover, as pointed out by the municipal official, "in that late resolution of the Delegation of the Environment two of the private concessions of the Beaches of Levante and Poniente were not authorized what has entailed the loss now of the blue flags."

Undoubtedly, a situation that qualifies as "unjust, since El Ejido does not deserve it, like this City Council that works with intensity throughout the year in the planning and design of a Beach Plan that has been characterized By the constant incorporation of more and better technical and human means, winning season after season in quality ".

The same thing happens with the analyzes that are carried out every 15 days in the ejidense coast, as well as in the audits that come to certify that this one enjoys the maximum quality of the water, as well as that it has some very good services and equipment of season Which guarantee the excellence of the coast.

The Councilor for Tourism has expressed concern about what has happened since, as she believes, "all of this can have a negative impact on the sector." It is more said to fear that "this year we go the same way". For this reason, he has asked the Board to "put, as soon as possible, all available resources in this task since, still today and one month to start the season, we do not know in what situation the Plan file Nor when it is going to be approved ".

For all that, the mayor reminds the socialists of the city of Ejidenses, and specifically his spokesman, Tomás Elorrieta, that "we have done our homework." In fact, according to Barranco, "have been his party colleagues, Of Andalusia, those who have demonstrated an absolute lack of planning, management and foresight in solving the file of the Beach Plan and, therefore, cause serious damages to this municipality by leaving thrown to the sector, the thousands of users and Tourists who, every year, choose our coast to rest during their vacations ".
Therefore, he asked that "be well informed before you speak, be much more constructive when it comes to politics and be happy, as any ejidense, that this local government has achieved the highest number of blue flags and Q Of tourist quality of its history ".