Mossies in the nature reserve

The article here on the Wiki Ejido site has details of the local council asking the Junta de Andalucía to treat the nature reserve as it is the source of a lot of the mossies in the area.

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The City Council asks the Junta de Andalucía to act against mosquitoes in Punta Entinas

Manuel Gomez sees it "illogical not to act on it when it is more than proven that it is a focus of proliferation of this type of insects because of the amount of wetlands it houses" The City intensifies the treatments against mosquitoes and requires the Board to do The same in Punta Entinas Sabinar

"The competence on the control of said populations of mosquitoes or any other vectors of zoonosis in said place corresponds to its holder, who is the Ministry of the Environment", assures the mayor

The Consistory, which has already carried out the preventive control of larvae elimination and the first treatments against the insect, affects this week with new methods in the hatching of these insects

The communities of neighbors, owners of golf course and hospitality with green areas are requested to join these tasks, in order to achieve one hundred percent of effectiveness

The City of El Ejido has intensified this week the treatments and fumigations in the coastal areas of the municipality before the hatching of mosquitoes that has been produced by the rise in temperatures. And it has done so focusing on those three lines of action that, for months, has been carrying out the Consistory Environment Unit as they are spraying with new treatments of all gardens, public roads, parks and squares of the municipality. In fact, special emphasis is placed on hedges, trees, shrubs, certain areas such as roundabouts and ponds in those areas of the municipality that are more sensitive.

On the other hand, all communities of neighbors are being asked to join these actions by carrying out similar treatments in their gardens and areas of the pool area. And, as explained by the Councilor for Agriculture and Environment, Manuel Gómez Galera, "to achieve 100% of the effectiveness of treatments, these should be extendable to swimming pools, private plots and establishments with green areas" .

In this regard, the councilman wanted to insist that "it is necessary and urgent" that the Junta de Andalucía also act on the Natural Park and Reserve of Punta Entinas Sabinar, located largely in the ejidense municipal area, has been Become one of the main focuses of this proliferation. Not surprisingly, according to experts in the field, "we are on the dates of increased mosquito growth due to the weather conditions typical of these dates." Therefore, "the lack of preventive treatments in this area has facilitated a greater reproduction of these insects in the place in the last month and, as a direct consequence, an increase of the presence of these in the other zones of the municipality and, with More annoyances and complaints. "

For the edil it is clear that "the competence on the control of said populations of mosquitoes or any other vectors of zoonoses in said place corresponds to their competence, which is none other than the Territorial Delegation of the Environment." That is why he considers it "illogical that as a holder that is from that place not only has not heed at this time the demands that are being made by the City Council bordering this Paraje but, once the problem has been detected, remain inactive."

That is why the council has once again called for "more involvement of the autonomous government to proceed, as the Consistory is doing, to act forcefully against mosquitoes with methods that are sustainable, but above all that show a high efficiency."

The councilman wanted to remember "the effort that has been made by the City Council in recent years to combat and prepare the municipality before the arrival of mosquitoes with the incorporation of advanced systems and management programs that include from the placement of traps with food attractants, The larval control in the wetlands and the different fumigations that are taking place, since February, in those areas that tend to be more sensitive.