The article here on the Portal Ejido site has details of around 33,000 euros to be spent on beach safety equipment for the coming summer. Among other things the spend covers the purchase of 2 quad bikes and a jet ski.

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The Government Board approves expenditure destined to renew and extend the equipment of beaches to offer the best service this summer

Likewise, it is planned to continue taking important steps in terms of accessibility with the addition of an adapted toilet module, more meters of wooden walkways and the replacement of two amphibious chairs
Also will be provided to the ejidense littoral of new material of rescue like 12 sets of flags of sea state, 26 pairs of adjustable fins, 12 of binoculars and 4 espinales boards
For the mayor of Tourism, "we continue to multiply services, increasing safety and improving accessibility in order to turn our beaches into a reference in tourism quality"
The Local Government Board has given the green light this morning to spending to renovate and expand the equipment of beaches in order to offer the best service to both residents and tourists and visitors during the summer. That is why, this municipal body has approved a budget of just over 33,000 euros for the acquisition of two quads and a jet ski, which, much more modern and adapted to current needs, will significantly reduce response times in the Provision of the Rescue and Rescue service. In this way, you will gain in manageability, safety, energy efficiency and reduce the costs in the consumption in these vehicles.
But these will not be the only additions that will be introduced for the coming summer season with the intention of improving the attention given to bathers, concentrating material and human resources on the most popular dates in order to adapt the service to The demand for them. That is why during the Governing Board has established the need to continue making important steps in the area of ​​accessibility with the incorporation of more means, so that meets all the necessary requirements that allow people with reduced mobility enjoy Of the bathroom in the same conditions as the rest. That is why the local government works, transversally between the different municipal areas involved, to introduce technical and human improvements that enable this group to make use of the most appropriate means.
This is so that the Consistory also foresees this season the acquisition of an adapted toilet module that comes to cover a strip of the beach of Balerma that currently lacks that equipment. Likewise, it intends to renew part of the wooden walkways of access to the beach that, due in many occasions to the inclemencies meteorological, end up presented important deteriorations. To emphasize that this year it is also necessary to replace two new amphibious chairs that are in bad condition by new ones that continue to guarantee assisted bathing.
Another aspect that is fundamental for the current government team is the safety and tranquility of beach users. It is for this reason that the rescue material will be reinforced with the purchase of new elements that will contribute to develop a more optimal service. In this way, 12 sets of sea state flags, 26 pairs of adjustable fins, a pair for each of the 24 rescue workers distributed in the 12 monitoring towers and one for each rescue boat will be acquired. To this must be added 12 sets of binoculars, one for each watch tower and four spinal boards with their corresponding straps and immobilized head on the modules located in areas near the breakwaters.
Councilor for Tourism of the City Council, Luisa Barranco, explained that "with all these additions, we continue to multiply services, increasing safety and improving accessibility in order to turn our beaches into a reference in tourism quality." In this line, Barranco recalled that "our goal is to make our coast an increasingly accessible place so that everyone can enjoy during the summer months our wonderful and wonderful beaches." It is for this reason that, as it has remarked, "there is a huge commitment of the local government in promoting quality tourism that includes the best services for the general population"