Road works for gas pipes

Earlier today I had the opportunity to drive and stroll around town looking at recent changes. The first thing I noticed was behind "the square" and along the road behind the chemist in the port. There are loads of new pipes being installed in trenches in the road in this area. There was a sign saying that it was for natural gas.

After driving round this area I made my way over towards the other side of the marina.

Read More for details of what other changes I noticed there.


New no entry signs

New no entry signs

The first thing I noticed was a change to the road layout behind Darsena 1 and between Darsenas 1 & 2. As you can see from the photos above some the roads between Darsenas 1 & 2 and between the back of Porto Fino and Darsena 1 have changed. They have been turned into 1 way roads with no entry signs. Also, there is now on-street parking on the road behind Porto Fino.

El Ejido shopping

There is a new shop selling electrical goods on the road down the middle of Porto Fino.

Architects office etc.

There is also a new multi-function shop/office on the corner of Porto Fino close to the tourist office. It has signs for an estate agents, architects and interior design consultancy.

New clothes shop

On the front of Porto Fino there is also a new shop being set up. One of the guys doing the work said it is going to be a clothes shop.

Boca 2

Boca2, a takeaway and delivery food place, is open again on the road in to Darsena 1. I am not sure how long it has been open and whether it has moved along the road from it's previous location last year. I did spot that it was open now and has a bar and a pool table inside today. Maybe it has been open for a while and I have not noticed.

Cycle paths

The final photo above is showing that work is continuing on the creation of cycle paths in town. This photo is of the pavement in front of Porto Fino.

You can see a few more photos in the Gallery.