Car in Darsena 1

From last Sunday. The people in the car were unharmed.

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Four young people are unharmed after falling with a vehicle to the sea in Almerimar

The occupants of the minivan could leave before being surprised by the water when precipitating by the dock 1 of the port

Fortunately everything was a shock. A total of four young people were unharmed after falling to the sea while they were circulating with a vehicle by the ejido locality of Almerimar. According to some witnesses of the facts to this newspaper, the incident occurred last Sunday after 21.00 hours. For unknown reasons, a vehicle that circulated by the Marina de Almerimar rushed to the sea when it circulated by the Dock 1 of the mentioned port.

Apparently, the four young men were able to get out of their vehicle, even though the "few minutes" had practically sunk. All indications are that the occupants of the damaged vehicle, a minivan with a few months old, were able to leave quickly through the side door before being surprised by the water.

As shown in the image accompanying this information, a large crane of the insurance company Mapfre took over yesterday the removal of the submerged vehicle. Among the looks of dozens of curious, the car was rescued from the bottom of the sea without major complications after having stayed overnight on the seafloor of Almerimar Marina.

"It's not the first time"

According to sources from the Port of Almerimar to this newspaper, "it is not the first time" that some car falls to the sea in the dock ejidense. They explained that some of these accidents have occurred because drivers have forgotten to put the parking brake or even by a young man who circulated at a higher speed than allowed and "lost control of his vehicle" when circulating by the boats. Most of these occasions have not been lamented personal injury.